Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Day.

Today was a crazy day. It was my last day at my old bank job, and my first day at my new job. Have I mentioned I prefer a jam packed schedule? I was actually surprised that I felt fairly emotional this morning. I wasn't sure how the day would go. I didn't expect much, and I certainly wasn't disappointed as my exit was barely acknowledged. I suppose sometimes it is good to keep your expectations low. Since my friend Paula took me out for lunch on Monday, I'll count that as my big goodbye. Scott was kind enough to take me out for lunch today, which I loved. After that I headed over for a team meeting at Steam Whistle with my new company (to clarify, my new company is not Steam Whistle - that's just where we were meeting). After our meeting we took a tour of the brewery and I was coerced into pulling the whistle. I just got home (at 10:30pm) if that is any indication of the good time had by all. My new boss has described my new position as "drinking from a fire hose". I suspect this means I'll be busy. More on that later...I need to go play with my new work computer (a mac!).


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  2. Congrats Kat! You will kick some major ass at your new gig.

  3. You have a MAC at work??


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