Thursday, July 02, 2009

Minneapolis Here I Come.

We've had a hectic couple of days here chez Fickle Feline. Yesterday was a "holiday", though given Max's behaviour, I'm not sure who exactly enjoyed the mid-week day "off" (Happy Birthday Canada, btw). I have to remind myself when he exhibits challenging behaviour, that it is challenging mostly because he is usually so good. The only time Max really acts out or backslides into old behaviours, is when he isn't feeling good. But dog damn, does it ever suck when he acts out. Both Scott and I are completely fried, and Cameron also seems to pick up on the stress, which only adds to the tension. I'm just hoping that everyone gets some sleep tonight (cross your fingers for us!).

I am heading out to my college reunion tomorrow afternoon. I think it will be fun - and it will certainly be good for me to get a few days away by myself. I keep joking that I'm not actually going to my reunion at all - I'm just flying to Minneapolis and checking into the closest hotel to the airport - my grand plan being to sleep for three days straight. Now that you mention it, that doesn't sound half bad.

I'm bringing my trusty flip with the intention of shooting video of my friends Tanya and Michelle singing their asses off. You can bet there will be some great video and pictures from this weekend. I'm also thinking that the mantra "What Happens in Minneapolis Stays in Minneapolis" will apply, if only to cover my ass about my plan to visit the Mall of America.

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