Sunday, July 12, 2009

Is It Bedtime Yet?

Cameron is a handful. I love her - she is my pride and joy. She likes things how she likes them. She firmly believes that we all exist to be at her beck and call. She likes to be held, does not like to be put down, and gets super pissed off when there isn't a wide selection of pacifiers available for her to choose from. Because you know, the pink one tastes different than the purple one, right?Today was a particularly challenging day. Did I mention that Cameron has also figured out that she can scream? Really loud too. It brings her great joy, especially if she can make Max scream too. Bonus points for that! So, good thing she's cute, because she has started making me ask "Is it bedtime yet?", at 6:30pm (a full 90 minutes before she usually goes to bed).  But she's so cute, I can't resist her.  Anyone feel like babysitting?


  1. Well, I'll have another screaming kid in a few weeks so why not add another one to the mix... She's such a cutie!

  2. They seem to charge off each is a bit nuts, I tell ya. But so was having just one kid when you are used to no kids.