Monday, July 20, 2009

Car Sh!t Drives Me Batty.

I hate haTE HATE dealing with car sh!t. Effing loathe it actually. I want my car to get me from point A to point B, and I don't want to worry about it breaking down. I don't want to hear funny sounds from under the hood, and I most certainly do not want to see those indicator lights start flashing menacingly from my dashboard. Those lights? They make four letter words in languages I've never even heard spout from my mouth. My trusty 2001 Camry, who has stood by me for the past 5 years, (with a mere 95,000 km on her) has had a rough spring, none of it her fault. Regardless, she has caused me much stress over the past few months.

First there was the accident, which completely threw me for a loop. Then there was some pain in the ass air conditioning problems. And then, when finally everything seemed to be running smoothly, some car I had the misfortune of driving behind on the highway decided to deposit assorted parts from its transmission on the road in front of me, and you got it, they bounced up under my car, somehow managing to damage the A/C compressor and the belt. The mechanic told me in all his years of fixing cars, he had never seen anything like it. To which I replied, "of course you haven't, because that is just my  luck*".

With my wallet $400 lighter, I got my car back today and she seems to be back to her old self. For now. I'm hoping that my car problems are done for 2009, and that my trusty Camry will last me a few more years. It would be nice to be without car payments for a bit, at least until Max gets picked up for IBI funding (speaking of which - I STILL haven't heard from ErinOak yet about his assessment!!). Life, it ain't easy I tell ya!

* insert colourful language as you see fit


  1. Car trouble is the worst!!! It's so inconvenient and it's always a gazillion dollars more than you would be expecting to spend.

  2. I wanted to spend about a buck on this. Lol....for what I have already spent on this car so far this year I would have been better off with cabs and rentals!!

  3. Hate, hate, hate cars. $400 still sucks. We prayed to the gods/goddesses for months to make the Sunfire last until the end of July. We didn't want to be paying for two cars at once and we knew we needed a bigger vehicle for the two kiddies. For two months the Sunfire dashboard was lit up like Vegas with all sorts of error and malfunction messages. We literally drove it into the dealership on its last legs and I've never been so happy about anything car-related in my entire life!!

    Let us know when you finally hear from ErinOak. We'll keep our fingers crossed!