Thursday, July 16, 2009

Prepping For BlogHer.

I had the pleasure of visiting the Mabel's Labels offices today and seeing where the label magic happens. It was wonderful to finally get to meet all of the ladies I've been emailing with and chatting with over the past 6 months. Funny how we all have these online relationships, and when you finally get to be know each other "IRL" (in real life), you just kind of pick up and continue on. I love that!
The Mabel's ladies - Mumby, Caitlyn, Melissa and Melissa took me to a local restaurant (can't remember what it was called for the life of me). We are all super excited about BlogHer - and Mabel's has some amazing plans for the convention. We nailed down some technical details (like, which parties we are all going to), you know, the really important stuff. Seriously though, we did talk about tweeting, blogging, networking, and bowling.

I ordered a triple decker grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and tomato, with fries for lunch (and a diet coke, natch). They proceeded to order healthy wraps and salads, making me feel like an A1 Junkaholic. Mind you, when our lunches came, they were all sorry they didn't get on board the grease train with me. Since they weren't feeling like having their pictures taken, I photographed their lunches instead. Fair warning ladies - you better be ready to work the camera in Chicago, I will be taking pictures, and I will take no prisoners!


  1. Oh yes, in CHI I will be super-glam and camera-ready :O)

    Great to meet you today! SO looking forward to our big adventure!

  2. I seriously can't wait! I LOVE Chicago.