Monday, July 27, 2009

BlogHer '09: Rock Your Socks Off.

Once in a blue moon, you meet a person who rocks your socks off. I hadn't come to BlogHer anticipating meeting this someone. I wasn't expecting it at all. PatientBloggers - You Are Not Your Disease, You Just Blog About It Every Day was a seminar I had been planning on attending since I first eyed the BlogHer agenda. I had no idea who anyone on the panel was, nor did I bother researching them. If I had, I would have been suitably impressed. I wanted to attend more because I blog a lot about Autism, and I constantly struggle with balancing being a mom to an Autistic child and being "me". Some days I write about the battle against Autism, and how pissed off I am at the system. Some days I live blog about reality TV. Other days I write about things I should probably keep to myself, and every once in a while, I 'fess up on how much I weigh. Is that okay? Is that what people want to read? Do I care? Should I care?

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