Thursday, July 23, 2009

So Much For Cute Hair.

All the flat ironing in the world isn't going to put an end to the frizz that has taken hold of my hair. It is raining small domestic animals out, and I'm just waiting for my favourite jeans to come out of the dryer. I have packed way too many pairs of shoes, probably more outfits than I need, and still haven't eaten (unless half a pot of coffee counts?). I'm super excited about BlogHer, but I have mixed feelings about leaving Max and Cameron, well, specifically Max. He is having a tough week - lots of new behaviours coming out. I'm trying to remind myself that these usually come hand in hand with progress, but there is one thing in particular that he is doing that makes me crazy.

He is making this new sound - it's kind of like a moan? He does it when he is excited I think - I'm actually not sure what the function of it is (we're still trying to get to the bottom of it). But it is the first sound that he has started to make that really announces to the world loud and clear that he is "different". And I hate that it makes me cringe, because I love him and I am proud of him. But I want so badly for him to be accepted and I worry that this new sound he is making will stick and not just be something that he does for a bit and then drops. I'm the first one to tell people that Max is Autistic, so why does this bug me so much? Anyway, I'm hoping he has a good weekend and that he doesn't run Scott ragged.

Time to finish packing, eat a sandwich and head to the airport. Later peeps!


  1. Deeeeep breaths. And have a wonderful time at BlogHer. Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  2. I know how you feel about the sound(s). Mine first started singing nursery rhymes at 2 and a half and then they turned to oral stims. So twinkle twinkle became a wierd growling thing (growled to the tune of twinkle twinkle). I have to say though I am slowly growing used to them (good or bad?). Once in a while when we are in public I will cringe at some wierd stims, but it is only because we have spent our life trying to fit in and adapt etc, its hard for us to imagine sticking out from the social norm and you don't want your kids to be stigmatised for being "different". Regardless of how we feel, any kind of different that does not fit in with some genre of popular culture is still not cool out there.

  3. Kira makes a ridiculous "ehhhhhh" sound when she is trying to work something out. It's totally embarrassing. She's been making it for as long as I can remember. I just hope she out-grows it before she starts school! I think there will be a lot of things that our kids do that make them seem "different" and probably totally embarrassing - autism or no.