Saturday, June 06, 2009

We Did It! $4000!!

Earlier this week, when we hit the $3500 mark for the Walk For Autism tomorrow, I decided to raise the team goal to $4000. At the time, it seemed unlikely that we would actually hit $4000, but I figured it was worth a shot. Well, we did it! Team Maxwell has raised $4005! The team page shows that we have raised $3895, but I have $110 in cash donations to turn in as well, which puts us at $4005. Thank you to everyone who sponsored us - we will make you proud tomorrow. Stay tuned for walk pictures, video, and of course, the results to the Mabel's Labels Camp Pack draw!

Also, if you still want to donate, feel free - the Autism Speaks site will be accepting donations throughout today and tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous10:57 p.m.

    Hi Kat! Wooohoooo!! That's impressive to hit over $4K!!

    Kat, you have inspired me to help others in whatever ways I'm capable of.
    Eventhough I'm not able to walk with you and your family tomorrow, my family and I have actually signed up for Easter Seals, which is a very similar cause here in the US. I was hoping that I could wear your t-shirt during the walk, but, am not sure whether Easter Seal would like that :)

    Anyway, I will leave you here with an encouraging video I came across on the site.

    Have a great walk tomorrow, hope the weather cooperates :)

    Karen Koh

  2. Anonymous10:59 p.m.'s the video...

    Karen K