Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day: Photo Essay.

Father's Day started out early with waffles and bacon for breakfast for Max and his Grandad. Max also had an apple, blue berries, 2 Nutrigrain bars, 2 pieces of peanut butter toast and milk. The kid can eat, that's for sure. If you're wondering where Scott is, he was still asleep at this point (sleeping in was part of his Father's Day present). Cameron got caught feeding herself a bottle (I'm laughing at her because she has always pretended that she didn't know how, but her daycare teachers told me otherwise).
We were heading out to Nana and Bumpa's for dinner, and as usual, taking a long time to get ourselves together. Max was ready to rock and roll, but did a pretty good job of keeping his cool.
Once we got to Nana and Bumpa's, Max got his exercise by doing laps around the backyard. Man that kid can run.
Scott was on Max-watching duty. He somehow managed to also look very relaxed and handsome while doing it. Ladies, it's hard to find handy and handsome - Scott can't hammer a nail to save his soul, but he sure looks good.
I got Cameron in her bathing suit, thinking we'd get her in the pool for a dip. Max hates the pool (something we are hoping to work on this summer), but I had high hopes for Cameron.
Nana put Cameron in her floaty tub and got her used to the pool (which felt like bath water) by pushing her around for a bit and singing to her.
Cameron looks a little skeptical about the whole thing. Little does she know she is going to get in that water, whether she likes it or not!
Grandad got in to cheer Cameron on, blowing bubbles and being the big kid that he is. She seemed to get a kick out of it. I think he was just looking for a reason to get back in the pool!
Bumpa also got in, but we didn't catch him on film. He did have a great afternoon though and enjoyed having everyone over on such a beautiful day.
Grandma was the photographer today, so we didn't get nearly enough pictures of her, but here is one of her and the Fickle Feline herself. All we are missing is Cameron for a 3 generation shot!
Scott cooked up steaks for dinner. He can be seen here consulting with Bumpa about...who knows what? He takes his steak prep very seriously.
Bumpa, Scott, and Grandad enjoying some "beverages" and catching some rays while the steaks are grilling.
While Scott was hard at work, I made a salad. That plate of veggies is for Max, who has turned into a veggie lover.
Cameron helped me get the salad dressing out of the refrigerator. I think she was also looking for her bottle, which was nowhere to be found (much to her chagrin).
In case you needed photographic evidence that Max eats veggies. He finished every last one on his plate (and that doesn't include all the ones he scarfed while I was making the salad).
Not only was it Father's Day, but it was also Grandad's Birthday! So, of course we had to have ice cream cake.
After dinner, Max was pooped, we decided to head home before he and Cameron expired.
But, we were a little late, and as you can see, Max passed out in the car. A sign of a good time had by all for sure.


  1. man..I just yped out this long comment and it "aborted" again. I have been having major problems with that on your site lately. Also following links off facebook.

    Anyway, I was rattling on about how great the veggie thing is as Daniel won't TOUCH them. Then I was saying (again) how I think it is cool there is another Nana and Bumpa out there as that is what my parents are to the kids !

  2. Yeah, there is something going on with blogspot lately... a lot of sites are having problems. I recommend just bookmarking - and of course, checking back daily for my updates (wink).

    Max has only recently gotten into veggies...the last 3 months I think. We are really happy about this as a lot of Autistic kids can't handle different textures and he seems fine with pretty much anything.