Monday, January 17, 2011

date with tony horton.

not quite ready for the cover of downward dog magazine.
I started the P90X program on December 26th (I got it for Christmas and couldn't wait to get started).  The first week kicked my ass.  So did the second and third.  Here I am in week four (the recovery week before starting Phase 2) and I'm still finding the workouts very challenging, but also doable. 

Somehow, even with everyone (including me) getting sick last week, I still managed to hit my workouts every day.  Previously I would have used being under the weather as an excuse not to exercise, but there is something about this Tony guy that is infectious (in a good way).  I look forward to "pressing play" and being put through my paces.  Yesterday, when I had to wait to do the 90 minute Yoga X workout I felt myself getting impatient to get going, which made me laugh.  A friend of mine who has already done the program has told me to slow up and not get too excited just yet because it will become a grind.  I believe it too.  It's easy to be motivated the first month.  There are still 10 weeks to this program and I have to keep on chugging and building momentum.

The changes I've noticed so far from a physical standpoint have been small.  I'm down a few pounds and parts of me that used to jiggle a lot are jiggling less.  The biggest change by far is between my ears.  I feel calmer, and less overwhelmed when I get stressed out or sad.  I'm also able to avoid most of the negative self-talk that creeps in when I'm at my most vulnerable.  Friends have told me that they are proud of me and impressed by my dedication.  I'm proud of me too.  Every night when I go to bed, I reflect on the day and as long as I have made my best effort for my health and my family, I feel at peace.

The key to this program working for me is that it requires you to exercise using a specific workout every day (there are 7 different workouts per week).  Because I am terrible at moderation, this speaks to me.  I have to make time every day, no matter what.  If it was only four days a week I wouldn't be able to keep it up because it would be too easy to not find time or think "I'll just do that tomorrow".  That doesn't work on the P90X program because tomorrow I will have a different workout to do.  Plus, Tony is waiting for me, and I would hate to let him down.  If you have done the program you know what I mean by this.  He might be a cheese ball, but he knows how to keep you feeling motivated.

I've never been one for physical fitness goals (outside of losing weight).  With this program I am finding for the first time ever I am getting excited about getting better at the different workouts and skills.  Each time I do the Ab workout I get a little stronger and am able to do a few more reps or hold a posture better than the last time I did it.  Funny enough, this doesn't make the workouts easier, it makes them harder because I'm able to "bring it" even more.  That's the beauty of it.


  1. Anonymous2:52 p.m.

    You just keep on keepin' on woman. Lawd knows we all need to do what we can to stay sane in this sad, crazy world. I'm loving this journey you're on! And now I want me some cheese ball DVDs too - where can you find this set?
    A. xo

  2. You can order it at and I've seen it at Walmart and Fitness Depot. It's about $139 for the set of 12. Totally worth it though. I'm pretty sure just from not drinking and eating crap it has already more than paid for itself. Plus I feel like a million (sore) bucks. Thanks for the props A!