Thursday, January 13, 2011

happiness despite barfiness.

This week I got my ass handed to me.  Literally, figuratively, you name it, I got up close and personal with  my entire family's bodily fluids (and not the good ones).  Here we are, five days after The Stomach Bug of 2011 hit us, and we are just now coming up for air.  On a side note, I wish it weren't so damn cold out - or else I'd have have every single window in my house wide open!  This place smells rank.

Between loads of laundry, I had a lot of time on my hands to think (uh oh).  This year is just two weeks in, and already I feel a significant shift in my thinking patterns.  Yes, we are all sick.  Yes, we are all tired.  And yes, I do fear that our couch will smell permanently of regurgitated milk and apples (big ups to my boy Max).  But, we are managing.  We are holding it together and not biting each other's heads off.  And somewhere in there, we are keeping a sense of humour about the whole thing.  That is not to be discounted.

So, while I rejoice that my washer didn't bite the biscuit this week and that Target is coming to Canada (praise be), I wanted to share this happiness flow chart that my dear friend Jennifer emailed me this morning.

Being happy, finding joy, whatever your name for levity is, it truly is a choice.  Powerful.

Note: (Happiness is also hearing the dryer shut off on that last load of sheets and knowing that for the next 5 minutes, everything in your home is clean.)

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  1. Happiness IS a choice, no matter your circumstances. Bravo, lady. You're doing a good thing for your kiddos, your family, and yourself! So glad to know you're coming up for air.