Friday, January 28, 2011

love that max.

This is Ellen from Love That Max.  As I type this, we are sitting at the Blissdom closing keynote.  Funny story, before I came to Blissdom, at least five people told me that I absolutely had to meet her.  So here we are, trading swag and whispering.  She is my people (and not just because she also has a son named Max).  Actually, we just got told to shut up, so we are no longer whispering.  Regardless, it is meeting ladies like Ellen that makes this trip worthwhile.  When she speaks about her journey I feel like she is telling my story.  When she tells me about things I have yet to experience I hope I will handle these situations with the same grace that she does.  She inspires me to see my Max through fresh eyes and to enjoy him as is.  Thank you Ellen.  You are awesome.


  1. I'm glad you and Ellen got to meet. :)

  2. You were one of the highlights of my trip—I am glad we got a chance to talk. I fully blame the conference food for my orange skin.

    You have wonderful taste in children's names.