Saturday, January 15, 2011

max update.

I can tell they are sick because they stayed in bed playing for over an hour without jumping on each other.
At some point over the last week, Max decided to spring a bunch of new skills on us. We were so sick it seemed like a mirage. Did he really just reply "no" when Scott asked him if he wanted toast or waffles and then "yes" to pancakes? I swear it was only last week that he was echoing whatever the last thing you said to him ("Max do you want pancakes?" followed by Max responding "pancakes"). Max deciding what he wants and then communicating it decisively with a yes/no response has us on cloud nine. It's a step in the direction of conversing which is exciting.

But the real mind blowing skill that Max has had tucked away is that he knows how to write out all of the letters of the alphabet.  I was well aware that Max could write the letters of his name, but the entire alphabet?  As we sat on the couch with the GloDoodle on his lap, I asked him to draw each letter.  When we got to "i" and Max drew the stick and then put a dot on top I let out a whoop and a "YAY MAX" and he beamed back at me with an ear to ear smile.  I must say he writes a kick ass back half of the alphabet (his "Z" is a work of art that should be hung in the AGO).

On top of these developments, the continued growth of Max and Cameron's relationship amazes us on a daily basis.  They tease each other mercilessly, refuse to share and get very jealous of the other getting attention from Scott and myself.  And the giggling at each other in the car?  It's wonderful.  The progress is slow, but it is inching forward.  Maybe being sick forced us to slow down long enough to truly appreciate it.

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