Saturday, February 19, 2011

dining room makeover 2.0

After being sick for two weeks, we are finally starting to feel better. I should put the stress on starting as we are all still coughing and Max and I are definitely feeling more bad than good. Aunt Jennifer arrived for a visit to discover our house in shambles. That's what happens when we're sick - everything falls apart.  The worst room was the dining room.  You may recall that I did a dining room makeover last summer.  Well, #diningroommakeover #fail.  The problem, as Jennifer explained it to me, is that I didn't set up a system (like the one she put in place when she reorganized my kitchen last year).  So, while cleaning up got rid of the crap, it didn't address the issue of me needing a place to put all my crap that was bound to accumulate.

Jennifer took some before pictures so we could bask in the after makeover glory:

The first thing Jennifer did was come up with a plan.  This way we wouldn't end up buying a whole bunch of stuff we don't need at the storage solutions store.

Like the organizing pro she is, she stuck to her plan: 

Then she went to town:

Cam wanted to make sure she didn't get rid of her sticker collection:

Check out this cool coat rack by umbra! Those hooks fold back when you aren't using them.

She made me get rid of all the crap in the corner (fair enough):

Now, we have a system:

Finally, TA DA!  Thank you Aunt Jenny!!  You always leave our home better than the way you found it! And yes, I know I am very, very lucky to have such a great friend.


  1. Anonymous9:05 p.m.

    Wow! Can she travel to Indiana? That is fantastic!
    ~ ecotwin1 (heather)

  2. Anonymous9:30 p.m.

    Aunt Jenny Rocks.

    love to all,