Monday, February 14, 2011

my valentine's day message to you: go love yourself.

Valentine's Day is not really my thing. I don't hold out for sweeping romantic gestures or feel the need to cover my bed with rose petals. Last year my present to Scott was to clean up our bedroom.  The year before that I wrote him a blog post.  This year I'm too sick to do either (though Scott told me yesterday that he is taking me to see Janet Jackson when she comes to Toronto in March so that is just about the most rockin' Valentine's Day gift evah).

This morning I put on the aquamarine necklace that Scott gave me the night before we got married.  I don't wear it nearly enough and what better day than today?  I also gave myself a Valentine's Day gift - a market tote from Gussy Sews.  Hey man, I'm worth it.  You're worth it too.  My recommendation, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not, is to treat yourself to something today.  For my single friends, there is no need to bemoan the fact that you have nobody to celebrate Valentine's Day with.  You are enough.  You are worth loving.  Love yourself!  Remember, you teach people how to treat you, so treat yourself right! 

As for the rest of you, enjoy your dinner out, wine and knocking boots.  I'll be the one curled up in a ball under the covers (of my super messy bedroom) coughing my lungs out. 


  1. Love it! Love the bag and I think everyone should give a little love to themselves. Thanks for your blog. I see a lot of myself in you and I have a 16 yr old autistic son so can relate to a lot of what you talk about. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Jodi! Are you a quilter too??? Love it!

  3. You are right..I am buying myself something today. I deserve it. I would like to buy a treadmill, but I think that is a little over the top.

    Hope you feel better soon.. when I win the lotto, I will buy my treadmill, and your cherry red laundry set. I want one as well. Laundry sets for all !

  4. @Tina - treadmills are wonderful! We love ours!! If I win the lotto I will buy you one. And a cherry red laundry set ;-)