Saturday, February 05, 2011

top 10 valentine's gifts for her.

Okay fellas, you have just over a week left to get your ass in gear for Valentine's Day.  If you are like any of the men I know, you have know clue what to get your lady.  I'm going to help you out with my top ten favourite things (excluding flowers).  I'm not even being paid to write this.  Consider it a "how to make sure you get some action" public service announcement (cue Barry White).

In no particular order:

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf - recommended by my girl Lulu

There is a very nice flowery description about this perfume on the Sephora site that you can take a boo at.   The real deal here is that you will look très sophisticated and in the know if you get this perfume for your lady.  I would also like this, and even though I'm not your lady, feel free to also send me some.  Unless that would get you in a lot of trouble.  I'm not about breaking up relationships.

Pink Starburst Market Tote by Gussy Sews

I met Gussy last week at the Blissdom conference in Nashville.  She is a wonderfully talented designer who creates everything from wallets to laptop bags (all made in America).  I have actually ordered this particular bag for myself (a Valentine's gift for me from me!).  If you haven't noticed already, I am a big fan of pink.  Not to worry, Gussy offers her products in all sorts of colours, so she will definitely have something your lady will like in her favourite colour.

Lovebirds t-shirt by Threadless

Maybe your lady is nontraditional (I totally get that).  If you don't know about Threadless, you need to go check them out.  This t-shirt is funky and unique and also draws attention to the bust (a good thing in my books).

pearl bracelet with a charm from the vintage pearl

I would jump and down and kiss anyone who got this for me.  Really, give it a try, you will get a big smooch from yours truly.  I have a necklace from the vintage pearl that I wear on a daily basis.  What I love about their jewelry is it is reasonably priced, very hip, and you personalize it which will make you look really thoughtful (you don't have to tell your lady that you got the idea from me).

Globe Salt Lamp from Hima Salt

This suggestion is a bit out there, but maybe your lady is too, so this will be just the thing for her.  I have given several salt lamps as gifts and they were all very well received.  They are said to be good for natural healing and light therapy.  I have one in my bedroom next to my Buddha and I find it very relaxing.  They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  I got mine at my local health food store.  Note, they are very heavy, so if your lady tends to be one who throws things when she gets upset, this may not be a great idea for you.

The Beauty of Different by Karen Walrond

This is also a nontraditional gift idea, but if your lady is a book lover, this may be just the ticket.  It is a book about beauty in all dimensions.  I dare you to not feel warm and fuzzy after reading this book.  The writing is inspiring and the photographs are breathtaking and it is all about embracing yourself and those around you and loving the things that makes us all different.  I read a few pages every day and it lifts my spirits every time.

open circle necklace by lisa leonard designs

Can you tell I love me some jewellery? I have several Lisa Leonard pieces that I absolutely cherish.  I don't have this one (yet), but honestly, I would have a hard time choosing just one piece from her collection (check out her site and you will see what I mean).  You can personalize most pieces (more thoughtful points!!) and if your lady doesn't love this, then maybe you should find another lady (I'm just sayin' is all).

Oyster Bay Sauvingon Blanc

I adore this wine.  If your lady is a white wine drinker, it is a safe bet she will enjoy this.  It's not super cheap, but not so expensive that you feel like every sip should taste like liquid gold (whatever liquid  gold tastes like).  I also recommend ordering in Thai food to have with this.  Especially if your lady likes Thai food!  And get a movie while you are at it! And candles! Yes, candles for sure!!

Aveda spa day

I am a sucker for Aveda products.  I am also a big fan of going to the spa (for the entire day if you're offering thanks).  An Aveda spa day would blow my mind.  It will blow your lady's mind.  It may be pricey but I'm willing to bet you will feel like it was worth every penny for the good will you get back.  She'll be happy and pampered and relaxed and feel like a million bucks.  A happy lady is a good thing.

Year of Godiva Dark Chocolate

Of course, it's Valentine's Day, so there must be chocolate (and dark chocolate is really good for you, so you are also being health conscious).  But don't half ass it with a heart shaped box of drugstore chocolate - do it up right.  I'm talking Godiva, and I'm talking the gift that keeps on giving.  Imagine this - every month your lady gets chocolate and you get to reap the benefits of her post chocolate bliss - and all you had to do was make one simple investment.  Sounds ideal.  Sounds like something you should do.  And if my husband is reading this, I would love something (exactly) like this.

Did I miss anything? Ladies, do you have any other suggestions?  Do tell!


  1. Anonymous12:57 p.m.

    Hi - these are all wonderful. I would add a Tom Bihn knitting bag to the list, and if your valentine loves i-things, an iTunes gift card would be great too.


  2. I like this card, from one of my favourite Etsy ladies (where I got your cute Christmas card with the girls who looked like us!)

  3. Oh, and is Scott going to do a post of gifts for dudes?