Wednesday, February 09, 2011

psychics are way more fun than therapy.

First off, let me state that I believe in psychics. I do. If you think they are complete hogwash, then bully for you, keep it to yourself.  I have had several psychic readings done in the past five years and I have been blown away each and every time by the insight into my life that the psychics had without me saying a word to tip them off.  So, when my friend Cecily (and I consider her a friend because there are very few people I would carry a Red Bull across the Canadian border for besides her) offered me a psychic reading I was all "hell yes bring it!". 

It was a phone reading, which I have never done before.  There were a bunch of psychics to choose from, and I chose "Maxine" because she sounded like someone I would split a bottle of wine with, and also she was the first one who was available.  What I love about talking to a psychic is that you get to ask them questions about the future and you get to sit back and do what you want with the information, take it or leave it.  You can do this at therapy but there is actual work involved in that (probing questions from your therapist, unpacking of emotional baggage that you have left sitting on the conveyor belt of life circling around and around, letting it pass you by again and again).  Psychics aren't going to push you to ask the tough questions either, which keeps it on the fun meter.

In my psychic reading I asked Maxine about Max, my career, family and a bunch of other stuff that is none of your business.  She told me that Max will continue to change in small degrees and that he is currently going through a big healing transformation internally.  She told me not to worry so much about him and that he has a peaceful, meditative state inside him and he is happy.  Amazingly enough, she also told me that I will help other families dealing with what I am dealing with and help raise awareness.  She saw a bunch of positive things happening for me career wise in the next two months that would be "most profitable" and told me that I have a lot on my plate and "good utensils to eat with" (which is such a terrific analogy I think I'm going to steal it). 

Now I have my psychic fix for the year and I'm going to cross my fingers that she is right about all the good stuff heading my way.  Also, I think she just saved me a bunch of money on therapy bills.  Have you ever gone to a psychic?  Do tell!


  1. I went to a really great psychic here in Ottawa that my brother bought me a reading from for my birthday. It was when I was first dating David and I didn't tell her anything about him, but she asked who the "man in the long coat" was and said she saw us "lying on the floor" (his bed was a futon on the floor at the time) "surrounded by animals" (no explanation needed there!) She also said that she couldn't see an end to the relationship and that it would be a significant one in my life. Also, she asked who "the blond in the wedding dress" was, which was funny because prior to me David had been engaged to a blond girl, but they broke up before they got married. She'd already bought her dress, though. Freaky!

  2. Wow!! That is heavy!

    I saw a psychic when I was early in my pregnancy with Cam (not showing yet). The psychic asked me if I knew I was pregnant and told me I was having a girl who would be very sassy. She also knew that I had a 2 year old son with Autism. Crazy stuff.

  3. Oh man, I think you made Maxine too famous. SHe is no longer listed.