Tuesday, February 22, 2011

time sneaks up on you.

It seems like yesterday that Max needed a stool to reach the light switch. Sharp things in drawers were safe because he couldn't get his hands up that high.  Locked doors remained locked, the freezer door  safely shut.   Almost overnight all of that has changed.  It is now Cameron who needs a stool to reach the light switch.  Max is so tall he looks down into the utensil drawer.  He knows how to pull up a chair to unlock the top latch on the front door, and the freezer door...well, forget  about it. 

Max is no longer my baby, toddler, or even little boy.  He is now a BOY.  Size 6 clothes, 52 pounds, 100% viking stock.  I find this hard to wrap my head around.  Other changes have developed in tandem with his skyrocketing height.  When I ask him to bring me something (like his plate from the table), he does it.  This morning when I told him it was time to go to school and to come downstairs, he did it.  More and more I don't need to repeat myself.  Max hears my request, processes it quickly and is able to execute it.  I do not take this for granted. 

In a lot of ways, he is just a regular (almost) 5 year old.  He likes to rough house with his dad, tease his sister, watch movies, run around outside, and climb furniture (and his dad) like a jungle gym.  His expressive language is progressing as well.  Yesterday Scott asked him if he wanted an orange and Max looked at him and said "no".  This morning I asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he told me "cinnamon toast".  When I told him we didn't have any, he told me "waffles".  It's exciting to see all of the hard work we have all put in coming to fruition.  And then I realize that if Max hadn't received therapy prior to his funding coming through next month, none of these great strides would have been made. 

We are so incredibly blessed to have the family we do.  Without all of their support, there is no way Max would have been able to receive the intensive treatment that has led to his incredible progress over the past 2 years.  I don't say thank you nearly enough, so I'm saying it again.  Thank you. 

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