Saturday, February 12, 2011

1,200 new planets (whoa).

On the days where everything seems like it is too much to handle, when I find myself firmly locked into gazing at my own navel, I remind myself of one thing.  In the grand scheme, whatever is eating me up at the moment really isn't a big deal.  Whether I liken myself to a single grain of sand on a beach or a solitary soul in the almost 7 million wandering around the planet earth, that typically helps me put things into perspective.

Turns out the big picture just got much, much bigger.  Maybe all those sci-fi geeks have it right.  More than 1200 planets have been found orbiting around distant stars, boosting the chances of finding alien life.  Alien life, whatever that means?  Maybe we're the aliens. Whoa.  Did I mention I have the flu?  I think that cough syrup with codeine is kicking in.

What is up with Rihanna's hair? Is Beyonce bitter that Jennifer Hudson has an Oscar? I like that Fireworks song by Katy Perry.  I could go for some chicken wings right about now.

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