Sunday, November 28, 2004

6th Annual 'Shake and Bake' Party.

Last night Scott and I went to Joe and Charmaine's holiday kick-off party. It was Scott's turn to be the designated driver and this morning I am still recovering. The party was at Joe and Kevin's house (and yes, that's THE Joe and Kevin - the first couple to have an officially sanctioned gay marriage in Canada). The party was a blast - there was the requisite breaking of glass, yummy home baked goodies, great booze (sour apple martinis are really lethal...) and resulting drunken festivities. Joe put on his silk pyjamas very early in the evening, and as of midnight, our marathoner friend Lee was still convinced he would be going for a run at 10am this morning. Joe's kitty "Daphne" was not very impressed with the drunken humans in her home, and I can't blame her. Scott and I left at around 12:15am - apparently 10 feet away from the car I decided to remove my shoes because my feet were tired and sore. I believe we may have stopped at the 24 hour grocery store on the way home to buy chips and food for breakfast. This morning the chip bag was empty and our couch was covered in crumbs. I asked Scott why my heels were on the coffee table and he said "You know you had a good time when you have to ask that sort of question!".
Edited to add that it looks like I am not the only one in recovery mode this morning - Jennifer and the Head Rabbit were also getting their party on last night.

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  1. Got the nicest email from Kevin & Joe:

    Kat and Scott,

    It was nice to see you again, and cool to read your blog. We linked to it in a report here:


    Kevin and Joe