Monday, November 29, 2004

Look at that face!

Woof! Gimme a treat!This is my family dog Scout. He lives in British Columbia with my folks. Look at that face! Scout is lovely. He likes to be where the action is - doesn't matter if that is curled up at your feet during happy hour, sitting patiently in the kitchen waiting for you to look the other way so he can eat your fresh baked cookies, or running around the backyard while you mow the lawn. He also loves treats and will remind you each morning at 11am that "HEY, IT'S TREAT TIME! WOOF!". He has a pesky little sister named Coco who is a brown spotted Dalmatian. Scout, being the gentleman that he is, will typically let Coco have her way, which makes all of us feel kind of bad for him when she pushes him out of prime doggy position. She can be a real bitch that one. But Scout still has it pretty good, and he seems to know this. If you look him in the eyes for more than a moment he will take his as a sign that you would like to rub his belly. He will immediately flop on the floor and roll on his back, baring his big barrel chest. If he does this in your presence you will not be able to resist him. I miss Scout - he is the sweetest dog I know (sorry Scout #2).


  1. Dogs are as much a part of the family as humans. Scout is an old soul too - I can't even think about him not being with us [sniff].

  2. Anonymous12:56 a.m.

    At the news of being blogged, Scout rolled over on his back, put all four in the air and smiled! He is especially pleased at being featured on a site called Fickle Feline. Coco is pouting, holding a slipper hostage.


  3. Great pic. Labs are such goofy, lovable dogs. I'm sure Scout #2 understands.