Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Christmas Blog #3.

Tomorrow is December 1st everyone. That is the first day of advent so you can officially turn your outside lights on. Except, I put my lights up yesterday, so my lights are already on a timer and doing their thing every evening come 5:30pm. I know, I am being one of THOSE PEOPLE. You know what I'm talking about, the people that have their lights up in the middle of November? I hate those people and I always say "What's the matter with them, don't they know that you are supposed to wait until December 1st?". Anyway, after getting my pretty lights up yesterday (all by myself, because I am a SUPAHSTAR) I felt like I really wanted to come home to a Christmas lit home. When I pulled into our driveway last night I got my reward and boy did it ever look spectacular! I will get a picture up soon...I did this white-white-red-white-white-red pattern that just kicks ass. Best part - when I stood in the driveway and stared up at my handy work and yelled "CHRISTMAS" while doing this weird circular motion with my arms, as Scott stood looking at me like I was insane. Just wait honey, the Destiny's Child Christmas CD is only days away!

Today I am going to bake my orange spice sugar cookies and use my new snowflake cookie cutters and blue sprinkles. Can't. Wait. Domestic Goddess sent me her mom's famous gingerbread cookie recipe and I have promised to photograph them and email her a picture. I'll probably do those on the weekend, super cookie baker that I am. And no, I have not forgotten about the gift portion of Christmas. Scott and I are going out with his folks on Saturday for our annual trip the Downtown Bay to do our big Christmas shop. And maybe after we will have a Congratulations dinner for me. Because as I will be announcing soon - Congratulations are in order.
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  1. Anonymous3:13 p.m.

    She has pretty well always been this way folks. Neat, huh?


  2. Head Rabbit - looks like it, though the recruiter is torturing me a bit (giving me all of the details, but no contract to sign yet...makes me a bit antsy).

    Double batch of the orange spice cookie dough is all mixed and chilling in the fridge - it smelled so yummy it was all I could do to not eat it raw!

  3. Anonymous5:59 p.m.


    I want to hear the details!!! I should be home by 10:30 at the latest, hopefully sooner if my students are concise. I won't be able to talk for super long because Scott already thinks that I'm ignoring him and he's all sensitive because I'm leaving on Friday.

    Blogger won't let me sign in for some reason. Bah!

    I am:

  4. Allow me to to be the first to say Congratulations!

    (forced to choose between clueless and late, I have chosen clueless).

  5. Hi Mike! Have you bathed with any telemarketers as of late?

    Congratulations...you are not clueless. Though they are not officially in order, as I do not have that crucial piece of paper yet...