Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Get Lost.

Have you seen this show? Have you seen it in high-def widescreen? If not, you are totally missing out. Matthew Fox has been hott since he played the overbearing/overburdened brother Charlie on Party of Five. And boy is he ever making up for lost time. Woot! Thank you ABC! Not sure about that whole Desperate Housewives show, but I am loving the controversy of the Monday Night Football spot with Nicolette Sheridan. God bless America, where it is okay to pound the shit out of eachother and those with oil, but it is not okay for a black man to eye the nekkidness of a white woman while America eyes her bare back (at least not in prime time).


  1. Anonymous12:55 a.m.

    Hi Kat!

    Whoo, another blog discovery so I can spend more time online (meaning: procrastination of schoolwork! :p).

    On to Lost, that is one of the most amazing shows ever. Since Alias (same creator/producer as Lost, by the way) isn't starting back up until January, this show has turned into a weekly ritual. On Wednesday nights at 8pm, the TV is booked in my house... unless there's a game on. Oh, what a dilemma...

    I don't have HDTV, though... would be nice.

    So Matthew Fox is making his comeback on this show, I see. I was too young to watch Party of Five in the years when it was on... was he a really popular character/celebrity back then?

  2. Anonymous12:56 a.m.

    ^ The comment above was courtesy of AngelStar. :)

  3. AngelStar, glad you found me! I think Jennifer Love Hewitt was the real star of that show. Matthew was sadly overlooked, but not by me!

  4. Anonymous1:28 a.m.

    Just read Scott's latest blog. So he'll be away for a while, eh?

    How about we change the homepage of RB to your blog mainpage? Hey, he DID say he wants you to contribute while he's gone...


  5. AngelStar - Well, Scott says he's going to be away, but I don't think he'll be away for long. He's just swamped at work right now. I'll take all the traffic I can get for my little blog until he feels like posting again ;-)

    Soli - you are absolutely right that this is a racial issue. Anyone who says that it is an obscenity issue is just trying to cover up the fact that it is a race issue. The moral right is freaking out once again and reminding us how at risk the freedom we have all fought for really is.