Thursday, November 11, 2004

Proud Moment.

Because I'm not currently working, I have become our home's "Runner of Errands". Yesterday, one of my errands was to go to the LCBO to buy us some Rye. As I walk into said LCBO, I realize that I am not wearing any makeup and that my left eye is watering from an allergy attack that has been haunting me all day. I must have looked like quite a sight because the woman at the checkout looked at me like I was a total alcoholic. That's right, I'm a desparate housewife going to the liquor store at 11am to get booze. Proud moment. Meanwhile, I'm getting judged by someone who sells alcohol for a living?

Jebus, I gotta get me a job.


  1. (bursts out laughing).... as you said your 'judged by a woman who sells alcohol for a living comment' I went back to a line in my "Angry Black Woman's Guide To Life"... it was a quiz basically testing out how angry a sista you are (and it applies to white sistas as well. You gotta check this book out!) When a sista goes to the airport and they open your suitcase (I don't think it applies at never happened to me) and "the one female guard makes a comment to another female about your lingerie" you can do one of three things:
    a) be meek and silent, telling the woman to check other compartments
    b) complain to her supervisor
    c) make a snide remark, saying "I feel sorry for somebody who has to check DRAWS (drawers) as a job"

    ** I chose C.

  2. lol - I always say that Border guards are the meanest folk' out there. But their punishment is that they have to do that awful job everyday, so whudevah.

    I choose "C" too.