Saturday, November 06, 2004

Good money after bad.

We are buying a new car. Well, new to us anyway. My only stipulations are:

1) Must be made by a Japanese car maker of the Toyota/Mazda/Honda persuasion

2) Must not be red (insurance, ouch!)

3) Must be four doors but not a tank

4) Must have less than 15,000km on it

Scott said something about not being too expensive. So, that too. Anyway, we are going to go kick some tires today and attempt to not appear like we don't anything about cars. I already went to the Honda dealership and got all but patted on my head. So, it's not looking good for Honda. I am kind of in love with the zoomzoom car - despite their annoying ad campaign. And that awful little kid. But I'm keeping an open mind - except for the fact that I won't even entertain the idea of an American car. Nope. Been there, done that, broke down in Tonawanda, do not repeat. If you get screwed once - now that's a shame. If you get screwed twice, then that's your own damn fault. I am taking this experience as a message from a greater being, not to be ignored. Besides, I bet Bush has an American car. That's reason enough to steer clear.


  1. i have a 2005 toyota corolla and i love it love it love it. paid 16 grand after taxes.

  2. I saw a 4 door Echo at the grocery store tonight, and it was not a tank. It was cute. I vote Echo.


  3. We have a lead on a 2001 Camry - only 14,000km on it. The Echo is a bit small for Scott's liking. And he tells me he does get some say. Imagine that.