Monday, November 22, 2004

Wildebeest mainly eat grasses.

Scott has a bit of snoring problem. Actually, he has no problem with his snoring, I do. As the winter kicks in and the air becomes dryer, the sinuses become plugged, my husband turns into what I not-so-fondly refer to as "my baby Wildebeast". I'm not sure why I selected a wildebeast to describe his snoring state, but it seems oddly appropriate (the bull's deep grunts sound like a giant croaking frog...or a snoring male human). His snoring wakes me up at least twice, sometimes three times a night. I have to roll him over on his side and then stick something behind him (usually my elbow) to prevent him from immediately rolling onto his back again into prime snoring position. Scott tells me that on Saturday night, I was snoring, and he had to roll me over in my sleep to get me to stop. Apparently when he told me in my sleepish state that I was snoring, I told him "Well that serves you right because you are a "WILDEBEAST". He recapped this conversation for me the next morning and he said he found it interesting that even in my sleep I managed to turn the situation around so that he was the one who was ultimately at fault. I said, "Well, what do you expect, I'm fickle that way".


  1. Anonymous2:10 p.m.

    The problem with snorers like me is that we have to take our bedmates' word on how bad our snoring is. Maybe I need something like this.

    The Wildebeest

    P.S. That's not a very flattering picture of me. I look much better after I've shaved, showered and had a cup of coffee.

  2. Hah! So, how does the pillow work, do I put it over your face when you are sleeping? Awh...that's not nice.

    And yes, you definitely look better after you have showered and shaved.

  3. As someone who has also been accused of snoring by bedmates, my advice is to remain skeptical, Wildebeast. What motivation could your bedmate have for accusing you of this heinous act? Could it be to instill guilt in you to make it easier to hit you up for gifts? For instance, gifts like, oh I don't know, diamond encrusted horseshoe pendants? Just a thought.

  4. Hey Wildebeast. Why the long face? Ho ho ho! I kill me.

  5. Soli - of course I roll him over - the other choice is to go sleep on the couch, and I ain't havin' that! And Scott is a total blanket hog. I wake up all the time with no covers.

    Foot - he is a total snorer, your dad is a snorer and you are likely a snorer. Just accept it. And any reason that gets me closer to that beautiful necklace is fine with me.