Saturday, August 07, 2010

Giving Thanks: The Mabel's Labels Ladies.

Say that ten times fast.

I didn't go to the BlogHer conference this year. I had planned to. Bought my conference pass (early bird or die, yo), booked my room at the Hilton, looked into flights... I really thought I would go. But I didn't. I'm not sure if it was my depression, new job, Max's ups and downs, not wanting to ditch Scott, or perhaps my keenly honed mama intuition somehow knew that Cameron would pick THIS weekend to come down with a super crappy summertime cold. Who knows? Bottom line, while all my favourite lady bloggers were tweeting about the incredible sessions and meet-ups, fondue dinners and cocktails, I was washing couch cushions smeared with a myriad of bodily fluids and nursing a sore knee.

boo and sad face and many, many head shakes about what coulda woulda shoulda been.

I mostly missed the great hang it would have been with the ladies of Mabel's Labels. You see, last year, I was lucky enough to win a trip to BlogHer in my favourite US city Chicago with them. It was a total blast. I felt like an honourary member of The Mabelhood. Julie, Caitlin, and Mumby - these chicks know how to party. Add to that my best friend (and freshly wed) Jennifer was also there and it was pretty much the perfect weekend.

Caitlin, me and Julie getting our tiara on last year:
From the sounds of it, this year the entire Mabel crew went to BlogHer, so I really, really missed out. Ah well. At least Julie was kind enough to email me and tell me that they missed having me there. That made my day. They have been really good to me all around, sending me samples of their new products for the kids, sponsoring Team Maxwell for our Autism walk 2 years running, and hooking me up with opportunities like Traveling Mom. So, next year, I will go to BlogHer. Anyone need a roommate?

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  1. Kat - We missed you so much while we were there! Hopefully we will get to hang out at BlissDom Canada in October. Thank you for this sweet sweet post. Much love!