Thursday, August 12, 2010

the giving tree.

Blogging, by its very nature, involves a whole lotta navel gazing. This is how I'm feeling, this is what I think, this is what I'm wearing today, this is really important to me. Me me me. I'm okay with that, but sometimes that doesn't really help one (me) look outside of oneself or give one (me) any perspective. But since we're here on my blog, which is really about me, I want to talk about "giving". Not to me, and not to you, and not to my navel.

I found out yesterday that the food bank in the suburb where I live is completely out of food. This shocked me because a) the area I live in is known for its affluence and b) it's really hot outside, so how could anyone be going hungry? I thought people only got hungry on Thanksgiving and Christmas (you know, when it's cold and I feel compelled to be generous - tis the season and all that good stuff). But nope, there are in fact people who "have not" in this sea of people who "have" so, so much. And while we shiver in our offices and complain that the damn A/C is in overdrive, there are people out there who are sitting in their homes, suffering from the heat and in desperate need of food and the basic necessities of living.

I went home and opened my cupboards and pulled out every unopened nonperishable item I had, filling 2 grocery bags. That's a drop in the bucket, and I can and will do better. I hope, that in whatever city you live in, you will do the same and give to your local food bank. Whatever you can spare - just give. It feels good and it helps put things in perspective. No matter how hard you have it, you don't have to look far to see someone who has it much, much worse.


  1. I am really enjoying this theme!

  2. I'm so glad! how are you guys doing? I need to come out your way to see a friend - I'd love to come by and say hello!

  3. So true. Today my girlfriend emailed me to check in and let me know that she had been thinking about me, knowing that the day would be a challenging one for me. That friend recently had a double mastectomy, is undergoing intensive chemotherapy and just lost all her hair. How she can even think about someone other than herself and her babies is beyond me. She reminds me how blessed I am, not just to be healthy, but to have such beautiful and amazing friends.

    Happy giving, friend.

  4. Stephanie - is there anything i can do for your friend? we just got some very sad news today too...still processing really. it's good to focus energy on helping, i think.

  5. Send me funny emails! I forward them on to her. I try to send one silly email every day just to make her smile and remind her that we're thinking of her. A good joke is easy, free, and always appreciated :)

    Sorry to hear about your bad news. It's hard not to feel helpless in the face of sad news.

  6. will do! did you send her the one with the girl who quit on the dry erase board? turned out it was a hoax, but still super funny!: