Saturday, August 14, 2010

i will never reveal the wu-tang secret.

Even on the saddest days we must find a way to smile. Thank you to Scott for getting me this silly "I will never reveal the Wu-Tang secret" shirt from I have a mad passion for gangsta rap, which makes this picture all the more funny...I mean, the whitest of the white girls car dancing to NWA in a Wu-Tang shirt... (windows rolled up for sure).


  1. Vanessa2:41 p.m.

    You go girlfriend!

    I don't know what your sad news is, but I'm sorry to hear it nonetheless. Be strong and crank up that gangsta-rap!

  2. Anonymous3:19 p.m.

    Is that a V? Are you representing "Vestside"? Are you from Transylvania?


  3. Anonymous8:19 p.m.

    Sorry to hear you're sad. I've been following your blog for awhile now, and seriously, you've never looked more fabulous. Hope that helps a little.;-)

  4. awh that is very sweet @anon - thanks :-)

    @scott - i can't do the west side thing with my fingers... the peace sign is gonna have to do

    @vanessa cranking it as we speak

  5. Anonymous1:00 a.m.

    roll the windows down yo.....but that aint the WU tang sign u gots to make W's with those fingers...PMFP

  6. Anonymous1:02 a.m.

    PMFP is petey mutha f-in pete from up the street.

  7. @pmfp from up the street, i'm working on the W's...for some reason my super whiteness is limiting my abilities to form anything more than a V.