Thursday, August 19, 2010

nip and tuck.

I'm a little late to the party on this one (like 2 months), (but I'm not known as one who arrives on time so at the very least I'm consistent). The folks at have been busy bees lately, making all sorts of updates available for bloggers like me who couldn't be bothered to move over to wordpress or typepad for additional functionality. The good news, is that now I don't really have to. The only feature I wanted that blogger didn't offer in its off-the-shelf templates was the ability to have static pages and a horizontal nav across the top of your blog. That bugged me because to have an "About Me" type page I had to create a post, which wasn't really want I wanted, so I never did. The other option would have been to start monkeying around with html, which isn't really where I want to spend my time.  I have always stood by the motto "if you write it, they will come".  It doesn't matter how pretty your site is.  In fact, nobody cares about that if the content is top notch.

Anyway, along with the static pages, they added a whole bunch of other hoo-ha. Like colour pickers and new ways to share your stuff through different social media channels. Embedding videos is easier as is uploading and editing images. The one thing they haven't done that bugs me is make it so you can add gadgets on the new static pages. I would love to make a blog roll page, but I'm not about to recreate all my link lists so for now they will stay put in the right margin. 

If you are interested, the header is now updated (thanks Chris!) so the kids look their age (and in Scott's opinion "French").  I have also added some ego booster pages about me, who everyone I talk about is, Max's journey from diagnosis to present, quotes I dig, and my bucket list (and if you have any really cool things you think I should add to that, let me know!).  So, have a look around, enjoy, try the veal, I'll be here all week.


  1. The veal was perfect. I like the new look. I actually read all your new static pages. Just thought you should know that, as a fellow height challenged individual, I think being tall is overrated. Okay, that's not really true. But at least you can wear heels. Unless Abe Lincoln like top hats come back into style, I'm out of luck.

  2. thanks BD! Heels do they make your bumm look really good. My strategy is to surround myself with tall friends.