Tuesday, November 16, 2010

best friends forever.

The kids were very excited to see me on Sunday night. Well, Cameron was over the top hyper (like I have never seen before), and Max just looked super relieved that his crew was all under one roof again. Scott told me he was happy I came back. Like that was ever in question?! Of course I came back!

It took quite a while to get everyone settled down.  Max went into his room at bedtime, but stayed awake and played for a few hours.  Cam got in bed with me and watched "The Incredibles" followed by "The Little Mermaid".  I fell asleep to the strains of "you godda kees dee girl".  At some point Scott came to bed, finding his girls passed out, laptop still humming.  I vaguely recall him tucking us in and getting Cam to squeeze over to make room for him.  She doesn't usually sleep with us, but after 3 nights at Nana and Bumpa's, she was a bit clingy so I caved and let her stay. 

I woke up at 2:22am (I wake up at that time every night) and reached out to stroke Cam's hair.  She wasn't there.  I sat up, asking Scott "did you put Cam in her bed?".  He said "no" so I got up and started looking for her (feeling a bit panicked but also knowing she couldn't have made it very far and was certainly somewhere in the house).  She was not in her room.  She was not downstairs.  That left only one place - Max's room. 

When I opened the door, my heart almost burst.  It was clear that Cam had not only missed Scott and me, she had really missed her big brother Max.  The fact that she woke up and went to sleep in his room blows my mind.  She really is his best friend.  (By the way - she started the night in new Dora pjs, but opted to take them off - I have no idea why.)  I plan on showing this picture to her first boyfriend.  Talk about a perfect moment of happiness. 

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  1. Anonymous1:36 p.m.

    That literally brough tears to my eyes! Simply gorgeous.....