Tuesday, November 02, 2010

setting the bar high.

On some days, the words come flying out of my fingers with a mind of their own. They cannot be held back – they are on a mission to be heard and I am merely their vehicle for being launched into the universe. I like those days, they rock.

Other days, I have a predetermined theme to write about, so I cobble something together for mental health monday, tmi tuesday, wiggle less wednesday and so it is and so it goes.

The toughest days are the ones where I got nothing. Writing prompts leave me cold, Autism is kicking my ass, I could give two shits about whatever theme I’m supposed to adhere to, memes are super lame and my muse, she done left me flat and cold like the half empty can of diet coke that has been sitting in the cup holder of my car for the last two days. Those days can bite me.

I want to post funny, inspiring, on point, thoughtful, and head shaking prose. I want to entertain, cause someone to think a little differently, or comment “you are totally wrong, and this is why…” I want to spread awesome and I want to spread awesome all the damn time. I expect to be awesome. I expect you to expect me to be awesome.

So writers and musicians and artists – what the hell do you do when you lose your spark? Pack it in for the day and hope tomorrow you wake up with itchy fingers that are dying to connect with the keyboard or piano or paint brush? Or does someone at the very least have my muse’s number so I can call her up and beg her to come back to me? Or maybe I should just text her…that’s a little less intrusive, no?  Maybe I'll send her a dm on twitter... I'm so sorry pls come back2me! I'm nothing w/out you. I miss how u give me purpose (+ content). I promise to never take u 4 granted again!


  1. Anonymous4:11 p.m.

    1. Go to an art gallery. Alone.
    2. Go to a beautiful old stone church. With a drawing pad or a notebook. Alone.
    3. Go sit in a park with a hot chocolate and a great book of poems. Alone.
    4. look through anything old of yours - old clothes, old journals, old photos. Alone.
    5. Rent a keyboard and get an easy piano fakebook, and sing your face off for two hours. Alone.

    Love ya babe,
    A. xo

  2. Caroline6:50 p.m.

    or you could totally treat yourself to a big gooey slice of cherry cheesecake. the resulting endorphins are bound to lead somewhere .......

  3. I have yet to find a way to lure my creativity back when I'm in a rut, but I try to breathe and have faith that it will return. So far, it always has.

  4. I binge blog, which is preferable to binge eating. Sometimes I go days without blogging because I got nothin'. Then I'll write 3-4 posts in 24 hours because I get smacked with the inspiration paddle. Take a break and let it come. Eat chocolate in the mean time. Caffeine might help too ;)