Thursday, November 04, 2010

blondie brings out the badass.

Every now and again I catch glimpses of what the future has in store for us with Cameron.  Sure, I still think of her as my baby, but really, she is a little person now.  She knows her own mind and can tell you exactly what she is thinking about.  She is lovable and a pain in the ass, the sweetest thing ever and 100% capable of channeling that little girl from the exorcist should she not get her way.  From what my mom says, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Since I don't have a clear recollection of what I was like at this age, I asked my mom how she thought Cameron and I were similar.  This is what she wrote back:

yours truly - 1976 - Montreal
You had beautiful curly hair like Cammie, and you used to crawl under the dining room table to avoid having it brushed. You were very verbal, and could turn up the volume, like Cammie. You loved, loved, loved to be read to, and you loved all manner of music. We still played vinyl in those days, and you loved the early Sesame Street albums. The promise of a new book was what got you ought of your night time diaper.

You liked daycare, and I recall you were promoted to the bigger kids room because you were such a little smarty pants. They also quite liked you there. I don't think you were as into clothes as Cammie seems to be. You loved all things Fisher Price, and they were just coming out with all the sets with little people at that time. You eventually had all the circus pieces, the farm, the house, the school, the day care....good lord.

You have always had a beautiful smile and a mischievous laugh. I always attributed that laugh to the Danish side of the family, as it does remind me of your Uncle Gunner's laugh from time to time.

The biggest thing I believe Cameron and I have in common is that at an early age, we had tremendous self-confidence, and felt loved and adored.  I feel like as a parent, that is my biggest accomplishment when it comes to raising a daughter.  We work really hard to make sure that she knows she is important and that she doesn't feel like she comes second to Max (even though he often requires a lot more of our time and focus).  In reality, Cameron is not a wallflower and would never be one to let her needs go unmet - we really don't need to worry too much about that.
Now, if we could just get that damn pacifier out of her mouth!


  1. I wonder where that awesome Blondie shirt came from? ;)

  2. We yanked Daniels binky from him at about 26 months cold turkey. I thought he would freak the F out, but in reality he got over it in a day or two. He handled it so much better than I thought he would. I was going to do it at 2, but Connor was born that same week and I thought that would be a bit cruel. Connor wouldn't touch the binkys, and I tried every shape and size. Instead from day one he has sucked/chewed on the corner of one of his blankets. so gross.

    What got me was one day I was in Seattle with some friends and they said that Daniel was getting "binky teeth". I have a tooth fetish and yanked it the next day.