Friday, November 19, 2010

max update.

Two years ago, Autism knocked on our door and told us “your son is coming with me”. My heart sank. My head spun. My stomach twisted. My gut said “hell no”. From that day forward, when faced with any challenge Autism has thrown our way, I have gone with my gut. When the going gets tough, my gut is the only thing that can be trusted. 

early intervention.

They are buzz words for sure. But for a reason. Early intervention is the key to jamming your feet into your running shoes and sprinting down the street after Autism. It is the only way to pull your child out of its grasp instead of letting Autism pull him into the darkness, out of your reach.

Back then I could not picture our life in 6 months, let alone 24 months. Yet here we are. Two steps forward, one step back, the entire way. Transitions, talking, toilet training – we are still working on all of these things for sure. It’s hard to have perspective and see the progress Max has had in the past 2 years.

The progress has been huge and it is important to acknowledge it, rejoice in it.

Max can do so, so much. He has an independent spirit. A sense of humour. He can write his name, knows his letters in upper and lower case, and can count to twenty. He calls me “mommy” and gives hugs and kisses. He teases his little sister and tells his Nana and Bumpa “night night” when they go home at the end of the day. He sings songs. He walks into the kitchen and announces “I want more chips mommy!”. He enjoys watching Elmo. He finds solace in the outdoors. He is attending junior kindergarten. He is stunningly beautiful.

I hoped and prayed for him to be able to do all of these things. I always thought he was a good looking kid.

Every milestone has been made up of hundreds of tiny wins. We are winning.

I still cannot picture our life in 6 months, let alone 24 months. I hope and I pray for Max to be able to do all sorts of things. The only difference between 2 years ago and now is that my faith is iron clad.


  1. Good on Max and good on you!!!

    My Ben just started saying "Hi Daddy!" this week, when his dad arrives home from work. This is significant because he has never done this before without prompting or repeating me. I can't put into words the joy we felt! I told Ben's therapist that those are the moments where I wish I could PVR life, so that I could replay it over and over.

    Stay strong! You are a brilliant Mummy!!

  2. Caroline1:09 p.m.

    To be celebrated indeed! Accomplishments for Max, for sure! But let us not forget what an accomplishment it is for Mum and Dad, (and all the family and friends who have pitched in) too -- you saw the issue, found a way to get it identified, and have poured your energy, time and money into supporting him through a million hours in therapies and programs, and together, as a family team, you have come a million miles (Oh, and there's that little thing of having a second child in among all this other stuff, and HAVING THE FAITH IN THE UNIVERSE to embark on that journey.) AWESOME accomplishment for the entire family/kinship/friendship group!

  3. He surely is beautiful!

    May you get a lot more triumphs on your journey Max and family!

  4. You are an amazing woman with an amazing family and an amazing spirit.

    And... good job, Max!

  5. He takes my breath away with every photo. Yay max! yay Carefoots! Hugs to all of you.