Friday, December 10, 2004

Christmas Blog #6.

Today I made Gingerbread cookies. My mom made Pizelles. We went and saw the move “Closer”. We watched the Christmas episode of ER. I finished my first ball of Romanian wool for the scarf I am making knitting and figured out that I will need to go back to the wool store tomorrow and buy another ball, or it won’t be long enough. Damn.

First things first – the movie “Closer”. Not for the faint of heart – there is a lot of cursing. And not just the seven words you can’t say on television either. Wow. And I watched this movie with my folks! Good thing they’re cool. I think this is a good movie…Jude Law is luscious, Natalie Portman is pretty hot, Clive Owen is sex on a stick. Julia Roberts, is, Julia Roberts. Gotta say I did not feel the supposed chemistry between Jude and Julia. I mean, I personally felt plenty of chemistry with Jude, but we won’t go there. But I do recommend the movie – probably more of a renter than anything else. The Aviator trailer looked awesome though. Maybe I just have a soft spot for Leo?

Alright – onto ER. I MISS KIM! Bring her back. What is Carter doing with this new chick? And he kissed her tonight – on the lips. So not cool with that. Also, nice light-hearted Christmassy show on euthanasia. Wow – can’t wait to see what they do when they want to be a downer. Scott taped the O.C. for me so I’ll have to wait until I get back to Toronto to watch that (if any of you email me and tell me what happened…well, it won’t matter because I’m terrible with the names of characters and I won’t know what you’re talking about anyway).
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  1. So I take it that Christmas is a pretty big thing in your family.

    What I still don't get is how you got to go to Vancouver right after you got hired for a new job.

  2. Yes - Christmas is a big thing in my family.:-) It is all about the traditions.

    I start my new job on Monday...that's how!

  3. I'm looking forward to The Aviator, too. That and Ocean's Twelve. :)

    Have a safe trip back!

  4. Isn't Thandie Newton a stunner?
    I saw the episode where young doctor (I haven't watched that show in YEARS) was telling his dad that Kem was pregnant. Ol dude wasn't happy (naturally).
    About couldn't have more cursing than The Original Kings of Comedy. I'll get to downloading it (a sista doesn't go to the theatres).

  5. Yeah, Thandie Newton is beautiful - in that really unfair way...

    The swearing in Closer is extremely sexually explicit, so while it may be on par with Kings of Comedy, it is much'll have to see it to understand.