Thursday, December 09, 2004

Why I love British Columbia.

London Drugs - you have no idea how cool this place is. It is like if Best Buy made a baby with one of the fancy Shopper's Drug Marts. Apparently they are slowly moving east, so we may be in luck. Seriously, this store is wicked.

The Vancouver Club - Ian has a membership to this fancy club. He took me to lunch there on Tuesday and I am still full. You would not believe the seafood table - crab and lobster and shrimp and salmon...and that's just the stuff I like! Also, they know your name there...we walked in and the woman at the front desk was all "Hello Mr. D....". It's like a really really posh "Cheers" (Where everybody knows your na-a-ame...and they're always glad you ca-a-ame). They do a Christmas dinner that is so wonderful, you don't eat anything all day before you go, and then you don't eat for a week after.

Fresh fish - you cannot get anything like this in Ontario. You just can't, it's not the same. When you buy seafood here you know that is came from the Pacific Ocean and was not farm raised somewhere in the Maritimes.

Fresh air - you cannot get air like this in Ontario, especially if you live between Hamilton and Toronto (belch belch cough). It just feels good to breathe here. Especially when you are up at Whistler.

Mountains - I think when you live here they sometimes fade into the backdrop. Not me, whenever I look out the window my breath is taken away - they are stunning, and humbling.

Family - my folks and their dogs are here. The only problem is that my husband isn't.


  1. Wow, that is awesome...Canada's Wonderland, eh? Lol. Scott loves it out here too, but I think he gets tired of the rain. It has rained a lot while I've been here, but people don't even notice the rain has to really be coming down for them to use an umbrella!

  2. I've never been to any province out of Ontario, other than Quebec. And I know I'm missing a lot. It sounds really beautiful over in BC. That picture you posted is gorgeous.

    And about the rain, it's been really miserable here, too. Yuck!