Sunday, December 19, 2004

Christmas Blog #7.

So, we survived the day. And yes, we went to the Eaton Centre. Scott promised me yesterday that he wouldn't be a grumpy bastard, even if he was hung over. He held true to his promise...even though he was hung over. Last night at Mike and Mel's Christmas Party was alright. I knew most of the people, and the rest, well, whatev. A certain husband of one of our friends who regularly hits on me was at it again...last week he was all "Kat, I gotta tell you, I am really attracted to you" and I just look at him like, dude, I just got married to your buddy, wtf? But I don't say anything, so I am probably just as much to blame, because if I truly wanted it to stop I would be like "dude, cut it out, you are totally pissing me off" but instead I just blush and look away. Except on the way home, with pregnant Steph driving (not like she has a choice being DD) I am all "You guys! You totally won't believe this!". And then I tell them that their buddy totally looked down my shirt, and Steph is all righteous and awesome like, "I totally saw him do that and you should tell him to fuck off and that he is being totally inappropriate and disrespectful!!". And Scott and Shane are totally hammered in the back seat, trying to mosh and arm wrestle and giggling like little gurlz...I don't even think they heard us. So in the morning, Scott makes us yummy western omelettes and hash browns and bacon and rye toast, and he makes THE BEST omelettes. He is very critical of himself though, and since Shane and Steph will be coming back for New Year's, he has promised to do better. I may even chip in and make pancakes or something [this is a lie].

Anyway, onto the shopping. Once Shane and Steph are on their way to see Shane's cranky Grandma, we get dressed and head out to the Eaton Centre. Despite my best and oldest friend Jennifer's concern, it was okay (by the way, she shared Steph's sentiments about the dude who fancies me...). I picked out some wicked Skechers,(pink of course). Scott may or may not have gotten them for me. We went to Tristan and I tried on a whole lot of clothes... the shirts were cute, the pants were totally "high in the rise" (aka cameltoecity). Unfortunate for me, because I really could use some new pants...Anyway, onto The Gap, and I found a cute overpriced black sweater.... snack/break to have some New York Fries in the north food court to discuss our exit strategy, then onto The Bay to buy some impersonal crystal (like this) for family members that may or may not bother to contact me for Christmas plans. See, we picked stuff that we also happen to like, so if they flake out on us, we won't care, we'll just keep the gifts meant for them for ourselves. Funny moment of the day - when Scott asked me what kind of wine I would buy to go with the wide bottom decanter I was getting...and I said "I'll get her a bottle of chateau shut.the.fuck.up." Feel the love.

PS: Belated congratulations Jennifer and S on your nuptials on the 17th!! Enjoy your first Christmas together as newlyweds!

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  1. Anonymous12:48 a.m.

    I think you sounded more festive when you were in BC. Just my opinion....


  2. Anonymous9:42 a.m.

    Awww, shpanx for the wishes! Jenn says shpanx too! And also she says (and our tupperware confirm) that we have tons of bark! Come on over!


  3. Anonymous11:15 a.m.

    Yes, thanks so much Kat for the well wishes...but as of last night, when S. and I decided to indulge in peppermint bark, there is much less than he says! Of course the welcome is always long as you bring treats and someone for S. to talk about basketball with!

  4. Anonymous11:15 a.m.

    Ooops! That was me...sorry!

    Jennifer -