Sunday, December 26, 2004

Christmas Blog #9.

Check out mah nu shuz!Christmas started at 12:30am for us. Yep, we stayed up late (me wrapping the last of the presents, Scott making up for the fact that he had to be designated driver for my drunken ass). Once I made Scott promise not to say "Merry Christmas" to me until the morning (kind of spoils it, IMO) I tucked myself into our cozy sleigh bed. Scott being the supernightowl that he is stayed up much later, and announced his arrival in bed by promptly stealing the covers from me and turning into a Wildebeast.

7am came too soon...7:30am was not far behind that. We finally got up and Scott (bless his heart) brought me a cup of coffee as per our morning ritual. Out the door to his folks by 8:50 - not bad for us, really (we are chronically late, always due to Scott and his late ass self). Into the beloved new car and pop the Best-Christmas-cd-EVAH: aka "Take 6 - He Is Christmas", commence is singing along to the wicked harmonies, and moderate car seat dancing by me (must be seen to be believed). We arrived at Scott's folks house by 9:10 and added our gifts to the offering under the tree and placed his folks stockings with the others (note: I started the tradition of EVERYONE getting stockings - used to be just Scott and Chris). Since I am a princess, Scott does my stocking each year, likely blowing a significant amount of his budget on that one piece. He outdid himself this year, bestowing upon me a hello kitty key chain, kiss my face moisturizer, sour wine gums, cool socks and an In Style magazine. Wic-ked. I am a lucky girl.

an exchanting, fruity, floriental fragrance with a romantic personalityApparently we were all going to reign it in this year, (Scott's mom swears she did), but I didn't see it. We are all incredibly blessed and totally spoiled. I got a mess of presents (beautiful work clothes, 2 purses, leather gloves, Sun Moon Stars perfume, the Gwen cd, kick ass skechers, hello kitty date book, pink slippers, Japanese dishes, books)...and that is just grazing the surface. Scott got a bunch of clothes, a pile of books, and even more dvds. Brought to mind what my mom once said "Never begrudge your husband spending money on clothes or books because you will like him a lot more if he looks good and is educated". Word!
It would be Christmas without a little basketball and random napping (see my bro-in-law Chris and his pooch Scout). We watched both the Pistons/Pacers game and the Lakers/Heat game. My folks called from BC for our annual "open the gifts for each other over the phone and ooo and ahh". Once again, I am totally spoiled as is Scott. We are REALLY hoping that next year they will come to Onterrible for the holidays - now that would be a gift unto itself! Chris and I took his pooch Scout for a walk where Scout pooped like 3 times (I am impressed).

Wonderful dinner prepared by Scott's mom with awesome goodies for dessert (thanks to my friend Christine's mincemeat tarts, and Jen M's Skor bars and date bars!). After dinner we went home and watched Napolean Dynamite which Scott loved and I liked. Very funny message from my best friend Jennifer W where she says that she is on her way to the outlaws house for Christmas brunch and that her Christmas promise is that she will not tell her sister-in-law to "fuck off". Love. It! If you want a funny Christmas read that will make you feel better about your crazy family, go read about Adrianne's Christmas.

All in all, this was a very calm, nice, relaxing, blessed Christmas day. And that's really nice, because we all know that it isn't the gifts that make the day great, it is the people. I am so thankful that I have such wonderful people in my life and I am grateful for every moment I have with them (even when they drive me crazy).

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  1. Yep, Chris is the Runner!

    I love Take 6 - I have all of their cds except their latest and the 2nd cd. Their harmonies are INCREDIBLE and they are fabulous musicians!

  2. See, the gifts make the day nice, the people make the day great ;-)

  3. They do look a lot a like from the side, but Chris' colouring is a bit darker (not sure why, none of mah bidness). Kids at Christmas - that is what our family is missing to make the day complete!