Sunday, December 12, 2004

My husband is lovely and ridiculous.

Lovely: One of the things he did to welcome me home from my trip to BC was buy a bottle of Hpnotiq. He had read an article in the newspaper back in April about its rise to fame and how it's the hip new drink all the rappers are into. Apparently R.Kelly had a fully stocked bar of it in one of his videos - I think he even named a song after the'd think that would be enough to dissuade Scott, but no. Scott is gangsta, [that is a lie]. I have to admit, I was a bit curious to try this $40+ bottle of booze. I was also looking forward to breaking in my new brandy glasses that we received as a wedding gift. We decided to save this blue booze until we were decorating the Christmas tree (kick of the holiday season in style!) - so at 7:30pm, Scott poured our drinks and then went to get our camera to take a picture. Well, no batteries, so the pictures from the official website will have to suffice. Anyway, the drink is tasty (we had it on the rocks with a slice of lemon). $40+ tasty? Me thinks not. Chupse. But, Scott felt all legit, so I suppose it was worth it. I think next time I'll mix it with some vodka, pour it in a martini glass and call it a Hypnotini. How ya like me now Jay-z?

Ridiculous: Last night we went to our friends Jeff and Korrie's wedding reception. They got married down in the Dominican Republic last month and threw a reception for all of their family and friends who weren't able to go down south with them. Nice party - open bar, good food to eat, all of our friends, what's not to like? As per the wedding requirement handbook, they had the typical wedding DJ - old white dude playing old white dude music. I'm talking Kenny Rogers. At one point our friend Harry (coolest brotha this side of Mississauga) and Scott approached the DJ and asked him to play something they can dance to. A few songs later we hear "It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock. You know the one...and the old white dude DJ is looking over at us like "Hey, see, I got cool music". And Harry and Scott start busting up - but they got up and danced anyway. If you have never had the pleasure of seeing Scott dance, I'm not sure if I even have the words to describe it. He definitely has rhythm, and he has moves, but somehow, he makes people laugh. It's not really in a mean way, it's more in disbelief - like, this white guy is out there bustin' a move and he is the ONLY ONE who is dancing all crazy. He gets REALLY into it. I couldn't bring myself to join him (partly because I was exhausted from my trip back from BC, but mostly because I was laughing too hard). All I could manage to say was "Hands off ladies, he's coming home with me!" which got an even bigger laugh. As my mom would say, that Scott, he sure knows how to have a good time. And he loves egg nog, but I'll let him tell you about this evening's egg nog discussion in his next blog (to be titled "the nog blog"). Yes, he loves it THAT much.


  1. Kat said "chupse". Solitaire proceeds to fall out of her chair. LMAO!
    I read that article as well and wondered what was so great about this drink. So does it take like berries? Citrus? Y'all gotta fill a sista in because you know Solitaire doesn't indulge in the liquid demon.
    Scott gets cooler and cooler all the time. Sucks that the music wasn't any good. They shoulda hired Funk Master Flex.
    And egg nog is dope, guy. It ain't CHRISTmas without it.

  2. What I don't get about websites like Hpnotiq...
    They say they want age verification. Can't younger people just lie about it?
    And why de rass do they have 2004 as an option for the year you were born? WHAT? Like my 8 week old niece is gonna log on to the website... "Yeah yeah.. I gets my drank on in my baby bottle!"

  3. Here's another view of the drink...LOL!

  4. Soli - it tastes like citrus...with some cognac? Nice...a sipping drink fo' sho. That age verification thing is dumb...maybe it's a law in the US? I'll have to go check some other beverage sites to find out I guess.

    Off to check out that url...

  5. LOL... I don't even know what cognac is!
    Is it strong? Does it bun up yuh throat?
    OFF TOPIC: I'm here watching "Hott and Sexy"... I never knew Pam Grier was on it? BAD MAMA JAMA...the baddest sistagirl and still lookin' good at her age!

  6. Oh ya, and how was the first day?

  7. No, it isn't hard on the throat - it is really smooth.

    First day went just fine, thanks for asking :-)