Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Your arm now belongs to me.

You any good with that shotgun?
Going back to the gym after slacking off for, well, a long time is very very humbling. We started our new year's health kick a few days early this year (I figure if I want to kick my ass into gear, waiting until I am back to working 9 - 6 every day is not the time). The time is now. So, yesterday, with my new Gwen cd in my ol' skool discman, my running room t-shirt and favourite Fila pants I got my ass on the treadmill and started running. It wasn't so bad. The bad part is the mirrors. Everywhere. I picked a treadmill that doesn't allow for any 360 viewing (except for the distant bobbing of my blonde ponytail on the far wall). I also hate looking at all of the people who are not slackers and look awesome, like they have not succumbed to the laziness and apathy of winter like I have, they are hard core and have hard bodies to prove it. Ah, screw 'em I say. You'd think they would inspire me, but no, they just make me feel superiorly unattractive. After our workout I made a gourmet dinner for Chris and Scott and we watched Kill Bill 2 (it was Kill Bill 1 that we watched earlier in the day that got me to the gym in the first place). I love Uma Thurman, man hands and all. She kicks ass. I loved both of the movies, though Scott said he preferred part 1. Not a shock, considering the first movie was way more violent and the second involved much more plot. Yes, that was a dig. Today when I go to the gym, instead of focussing on all of those fit bitchez I am going to think about The Bride kicking ass. And it will make me run harder. Because it isn't about being pretty at the gym, it's about channelling some Pai Mei up in this joint. "Since your arm now belongs to me, I want it strong."


  1. Fit bitchez! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    I'm a girl, and I like movies with plots... but Kill Bill 1 was better. Trust. It's SUPPOSED to be an action movie... when I want to think, I'll watch Spike Lee's "Malcolm X".

    Best scene (from part 1, of course): The Bride and Oreni Shii fight in the snow while Santa Esmerelda's "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" plays in the background.

    Now, chop that arm off. *SWISH*

  2. "You'd think they would inspire me, but no, they just make me feel superiorly unattractive."

    I didn't think that. If I'm at the gym, and I see a dude with a 50" chest, 24" biceps, and a 30" waist, I feel like shit.

    On the other hand, if I see a girl with 38-25-38 dimensions... that's inspiration. :)

  3. I think I'm going to have to watch the Kill Bills again...I'm not putting the first one down, the action was amazing, and the music was inspired! When O-Ren gets scalped, that's hard core!

    In terms of inspiration - I really would prefer to see a bunch of average folks just getting fit over the parade of boobies (be it male or female). This is not a fashion show peeps, it's a gym!

  4. I agree with Kat... I want to see a bunch of average fat asses like me in the gym. The reason I stopped going (and kept paying for the membership every payday like a FOOL) was due to the fact that there were fine ass men there...but they were looking at the fine ass women (which I'm not). And the fine ass women had their boobies popping out and abs like Janet Jackson. I wasn't into parading my flab (which I've seen as well...UGH!) so I just slunk away.

    Since it was a membership that allowed me to go to any location of theirs in the GTA, I went to a new location close to my house. No different. Fine ass brothas lifting all that iron and me like a lil mouse, on the treadmill, listening to my NetMD, and feeling insignificant.

    And it doesn't help the person at the front counter is one of dem perky chicks who has boobies for days as well... she just looks at you like "oh, acne face, you better keep yo clothes on."

    For the record, I ain't fat, but who doesn't want to get themselves in shape these days. I think it's a conspiracy by these folks to tief yuh money. And the fine ass people are plants...they're PAID by Bally's and Goodlife to be there, lookin' like they just auditioned for a Bowflex commercial.

    On that thought.... a who di ass SMILES when they workin' out? Them Bowflex folks ain't normal, guy.


  5. Oh ya Kat... that scene was inspiring, wasn't it? I liked how the music built up, and then the Bride gets slashed in her back...OHHHH!

    You know what else I felt? When Sophie Fatale gets her arm hacked off! OHHHHHHH! I was grabbing my arm and SKREAMING for Jesus!

    Didn't you find the 2nd one a cop out? I was vexed that Bill died that way (although that technique IS very, veyr impressive. Do you think it's real?) And I hope the snake bit up Elle Driver. I couldn't stand that one eyed witch.

  6. Heya! You made your own little rectangle pitcha thingy! :) they look great!
    I wonder how people put pictures in them..

  7. First off, word on gyms being a ripoff - total conspiracy. I have never joined Bally's, but I was with Goodlife for a year and it was awful. Now Scott and I are at a place close to our house so there are NO EXCUSES. I am trying to find the time where the most normal looking people go - hard with all the young Sheridan College students. Bitchez.

    Second off - I loved that it was snowing in the Beatrice/O-Ren showdown scene, and that the little water pump was working away. Such a great scene.

    I think Kill Bill II was necessary to put it all in context hence the plot heavy direction, and I am conflicted about how Bill died. Part of me feels like a really wicked action scene would have been divine, and part of me felt like it was this slice of life, like how real is that? You build up towards a moment, look forward to it for so long, and then it is completely anti-climatic. Pretty truthful, and a bit ironic. I dunno, like I said, I gotta watch them again.

  8. ^ Ah agree with what you said on how Bill died. I thought it was a total cop out. But you're right. That's life.

    I wonder how she explained to the little girl that 'daddy's dead, I killed him.' Hmmm. Well, QT DID say he'd make another one. I guess we'll see Nikki (Vivica's character's daughter) get her revenge on The Bride.

    Do they have 'em as a boxed set? Or are they individual? Do they have a lot of features on them? I don't want to buy the both of them individually and then they come out with a boxed set. That shiznit pisses me off royally.

  9. Scott got them both from Chris for Christmas, but they came individually, they didn't have a box set. Which was a shame really. Scott made me wait to see them because he wanted to get them both so that we could watch them as one, as QT intended.