Saturday, December 04, 2004

I (sometimes) have incredibly bad taste in music...

As part of my "congratulations on having a new job at the xbi" gift, Scott is going to make me a mix cd to listen to on the way to work. Since I'll be gone for a week, he says he'll have it ready for when I get back. Apparently he also considered getting me a pink Ipod mini, but decided against it. Too bad for me, eh? He asked me to come up with 20 songs that I would like to have on the cd, so I came up with a list for him. It strikes me that I should be incredibly embarrassed by my request list because there are certainly a few songs on there that are questionable. I have added a "*" where I acknowledge that I should know better. Solitaire will be happy to see that the new Destiny's Child singles have not made my play list (also not on my Christmas list thank you very much).

So, here's the list:
1, 2 Step - Ciara feat. Missy Elliott*
Pass That Dutch - Missy Elliot
Dip It Low - Christina Milian*
Drop it like it's hot - Snoop feat. Pharrell
Lean Back - Terror Squad (original not remix)*
Golden - Jill Scott
Bad Boy - Keisha Chante
I Try - Talib Kweli
Crabbuckit - K-OS
Suicide Bounce - Nas feat. Busta
Encore - Jay-Z
Talk About Our Love - Brandy & Kanye West
If I Ain't Got You (Kanye West Remix) - Alicia Keys
My Prerogative - Britney Spears*
Vertigo - U2
What You Waiting For - Gwen Stefani
Rich Girl - Eve/Gwen Stefani
Somebody Told Me - Killers
My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne
Eight Easy Steps - Alanis Morissette

It should be noted that the last three songs are listed as such because I can live without them. Also, Scott is really good at playing things in an order that flows, so they probably won't be in this order. Head Rabbit & Foot, we can start the asshole webring now. Thank goodness Jennifer is not around to see this - she might decide to never ever speak to me again.


  1. HI!!!! (from LA)

    I missed out on your job news, so I'm glad I checked in and got caught up. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Finally!

    I am about to go to sleep after my day of waking up at 3:00 AM, taking a taxi, taking a plane, waiting at customs, taking another plane, waiting for Sean, driving with Sean, hanging out with Sean and his friend Todd, eating vegan fast food (!), meeting Sean's wife (she's awesome!) and watching bad TV here at their apartment. Whew!

    I will try to check in a bit from the road. Are you in BC yet??? Are we both going to be in BC at the same time???? Weird.... ;)



  2. Anonymous3:12 a.m.

    Dear Kat,

    There is a foul smelling odour coming from your playlist. The words "my" and "prerogative" seem to be the root of this stench. For emergency protocols, I have included a can of anti-britney:


  3. Hi Jen! Glad you got to LA in one piece. Now are you are officially (as if you weren't already) cooler than all of us. I think that I will be in Vancouver while you are in Victoria, yes. Weird.

    Now - all you haters - why do you dislike my girl Britney so much (snicker). This is driving is supposed to be fun.

  4. I also added "Breathe, Stretch, Shake" by Mase. So, how you like me now? And Aaliyah "Loose Rap" - if Scott remembers!

  5. Aaliyah's last album had at least 7 singles on it, maybe more. If she had been able to promote that album...well, you know. It would have been bananas. There aren't too many albums I can listen to start to finish - but that is one of them! Have you noticed that her parents finally got that squatter off They put a site up - it is pretty nice.

  6. There is also the icare4u site that her record company did...but they never finished updating it. It is at:

    The best site was the that they built for her album - it was beautiful, but they took it down about 6 months after she died.