Thursday, December 02, 2004

Who the hell is this Tony Pierce guy?

My friend Solitaire of Solitairesoul and maybe Sistagirl's Revenge or is it Kim speaks...everybody listens(?) asked this question yesterday on Text Machine. And you know what I did when I read her question? I sadly shook my head at my computer monitor. How can she not know who Tony Pierce is? She calls herself a blogger.

Tony Pierce is the best blogger on the internet. He is awesome. He has written 2 blooks (he has a new one out that you should go buy). He wrote a blog on how to blog that I refer back to every once in a while. Scott has been reading Tony Pierce for years now and just shakes his head at me like, "I have been telling you about this guy FOREVER and now you act like you discovered him". Well, I know I didn't discover him, but I totally dig his righteous blogging and his honesty. Tony also does fabulous photo essays that will take your breath away or at least make you think. And he likes pretty girls too - and he puts random pictures of them throughout his blogs, though I enjoy the pictures of celebrities making asses out of themselves much more. He curses, he talks out-of-school, he tells you what he thinks about politics and sports. He isn't always right, but he is always interesting.

And that, Solitaire, is who the hell this Tony Pierce brotha is. Go check him out.


  1. You need to add some code into the image tag...

    valign="top" align="left"

    and now you know as much as me.

  2. Anonymous3:54 p.m.

    I like how Scott and your blogs work well together. I was wondering about the 'Tony Pierce guy' too... and lookie here, now I know.


  3. Soli - just wanted to point out that even if you don't dig on Tony's writing, you should still read his post on "How to Blog" because he is dead on the money. He actually reposted it on his site today, so GO CHECK IT OUT!

    AngelStar - as someone who is thinking of starting a blog, this applies to you too.

  4. Just remembered that I have been meaning to add a site metre to my site for a while - so, it's up now.

  5. You need to add


    into your img tag

  6. Anonymous7:29 p.m.

    Kat, if you take Tony's advice, I should not be reading this blog. Let's agree if there is a blog you do not want me to read, I will not. ;-)


  7. thanks so much for the props!

  8. He is all knowing. That's how he knew.

  9. Jesus is all knowing too? Talented man!