Saturday, December 18, 2004

Random thoughts and I need some coffee.

I went to the Eaton Centre on Wednesday night to do some shopping for that holiday coming up. As you can imagine it was insane. Not as insane as it will be today, or tomorrow, when Scott and I are stupidly planning to return to said mall to finish our shopping [we are idiots]. I bumped into three people I know...the first was in Indigo, searching for a book that was probably fantasy or maybe science fiction or maybe just fiction (why the hell do they split out the fiction that way!! Hey Heather - you don't have enough inventory for that and you are just pissing. me. off.). So, the system sez they have 2 copies, but it only gets updated every two days, so clearly it is wrong because the guy who is helping me can't find it. Then he asks one of his coworkers if she knows and she helps me look on the fantasy/sci-fi tables and she is really nice and says she can look up if they have it at the World's Biggest Bookstore, or maybe I should check Coles downstairs? (I mean, Heather owns like all of them, so she will eventually get my money.) I thank the helpful Indigo woman, and I'm walking away I know her? And I turn around and interrupt her with another customer to stare at her nametag, and there you have's 'col! Holy shit! We exchange "wow, you look greats! How are you are doings" and then she has to get to work and I have to get to shopping, so we say goodbye and that is my story.

Except the story continues as I search and search and search for a very specific gift (I have looked for hours and hours for this gift). See, I like to give gift suggestions to people 40 cds, main stream dvds, best-selling books, perfume, you know - STUFF THAT IS EASY TO FIND! Whatev. The second People I Know sighting occurred on the escalator - I turned around and there were two of my new coworkers from the xbi. We say hello, I tell them my saga of woe, one of them is super quiet and sez nothing, the other is super helpful and points me in the direction of a store that might have just what I am looking for and at a decent price and who cares if their Christmas commercials would make the baby Jesus cry? I found a version of the item that I think is good and fits the majority of requirements, Scott is not sure of and I just don't care anymore. I am turning into scrooge. Bottom line is the item as it was described does not exist in this universe (maybe on Mars?) and this is the best I could do. So today, I have to clean my house. It is nasty and disgusting. I need to actually cook something for dinner (if I eat one more frozen dinner or pizza I am going to stop pooping). Then we are off to Mike and Mel's annual Christmas party with our friends Shane and Steph. And I need to develop a strategy for tomorrow's day of insaneness. Wish me luck. Ps: Goodbye Vince, have fun partying with Bruce Springsteen in Jersey.


  1. Anonymous1:25 p.m.

    KB - get some broccoli into you girl.

    Scott - At least Vince was good for some wedding jokes.

    And that's all I have to say about that.


  2. Anonymous7:08 p.m.

    Okay, I was onside with you on everything EXCEPT that blasphemy about how those Old Navy commercials make the baby Jesus cry! They so would not! They are adorable and fun and hilarious little thingies, especially the full face shots of that hot-as-raspberry-pancakes blondie. I mean, seriously, Kat. They're gooooood. They almost make me want to buy a $15 wrinkly shirt. Almost.

    S.PS. If that link in my initial doesn't work then I give up. Blogger comments suck.

  3. Uh uh! I'm with Kat. Those commercials make me want to put my fingers in my eyes and squish them around. Old Navy commercials in general make me uneasy, in a "This is direct marketed to me and I'm supposed to find it cute/clever/witty/hip but really it just freaks me out and are those people actually robots?" kind of way.


  4. I don't know Domestic Goddess, I'm with JW on this one. Try sitting through an entire day's worth of tv with the Old Navy commercial every 10 minutes...totally brutal, doesn't matter how cute anyone is!