Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I am twelve years old, yes.

I have a bit of a Hello Kitty fetish. It isn't all crazy, like I don't have a Hello Kitty computer or anything, I just really like Hello Kitty. I think that maybe the reason I have embraced the colour pink is that it is a way I can be closer to Hello Kitty without being all I LOVE HELLO KITTY ALL THE TIME!! I'm not sure, it likely merits further analysis by a healthcare professional. But, I'd probably have to go down the US to see someone decent (I mean, we're so backed up here in Canada...). I would like to point out that while I would have purchased the Hello Kitty alarm clock, my husband vetoed it due to the pepto bismol pink colour of it. So, instead, I think I am going to have to figure out a way to get this awesome calendar...


  1. Hey girl;
    since I'm single and still living at home, I'm sometimes stupid. SSS.
    Good thing I quit my job at the Eaton Centre 'cause a little booth sold various Hello Kitty items. That's where your girl got the cell phone charms. ;) Well, I was gonna pay 80 bucks for a Hello Kitty toaster. You know, for when I (eventually) move out. Yes, I'm a madwoman. Not as mad as Mariah Carey (now SHE'S a Hello Kitty phreak!)

    The booth also sold a Hello Kitty tv but since I HATE pink, I didn't even bother. The toaster is white with Hello Kitty on the side and get this. Yo bread has the Kit imprinted on it once it's done toastin'! Gangsta! Hello Kitty's an OG!

    Did you see my post about watches? I included a picture of my Hello Kitty watch just for you!! :)

  2. That Hello Kitty watch is super cute!