Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Best Revenge Really is Success.

I was reminded today that the best revenge really is success. I received an email from a spy at my old company (someone who nobody thinks is my friend, so they tell her stuff they shouldn't...). Turns out, they aren't happy for me (even when one of them emailed me a "Happy New Years!" message asking how I am to try to dig up dirt!). Whatev. Long story short is that this is a SMALL FUCKING TOWN, YO! It didn't take long for the info about my new wicked job at the xbi to get back to them and it turns out they are still the small minded, talentless assholes that I left behind. Imagine that. I really think that what goes around comes around and that often the biggest punishment that exists is that someone gets to live the rest of their weasley little life being themselves. That's right - you get to live every single day of your pathetic, meaningless, loser life being YOU! And your player husband is a salesman and he's probably cheating on your ugly ass and if I cared I'd feel bad for your unborn child.

Do you think someone is an asshole and deserves to be told off? DO IT! Then don't look back. Onwards and upwards bitchez!


  1. Yes, douchebaggery ensues. That evil slagheap has sunk to a new low, and broken the damn law. AND I HAVE IT IN WRITING. She better hope I stay in the cheery mood I'm in, because I could lay a world of pain at her feet. Stupid "loose lipped" wench.

  2. "She better hope I stay in the cheery mood I'm in..."

    *makes mental note*

    NEVER get on Kat's bad side! ;)

    But, really, though... you said it best yourself. Don't worry about others. Most people, even some that come across as your 'friend', always try to bring down others around them. You're above that, you don't need to get to their level to succeed because you have brains.

    Show your talent and success to those around you and it'll shut up the haters pretty quickly!