Sunday, January 23, 2005

Then we could be Heroes, just for one day.

I have just confirmed that I have yet another finely honed skill: Procrastination. Yes, I have cornered the market on Procrastination. And it isn't just the ability to put off the dreaded task (which happens to be studying for my Direct Marketing exam this coming Wednesday) it is my ability to justify the things I am putting ahead of studying. For instance, getting my hair done, trying a new ginger-gin shrimp recipe, helping Scott make mashed potatoes with his new potato ricer, shovelling my driveway, washing dishes (by hand no less!), making myself some tea, making Scott and myself salmon sandwiches, sorting the laundry, and writing a blog about the very thing I should be doing, but am not.

Did I mention that Scott and I watched Hero last night on PPV? I know, we are late adopters. Seems like EVERYONE has seen this already, including my Mom. She liked it better than Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, I did not. Scott liked it, but was ready for it be done by the end. Scott and I sat and read the credits, amazed at some of the short, punctuated names, and wondered to ourselves how many millions of people are probably named "Li Lei" alone. I fantasized about getting a framed print of the scene where Flying Snow and Moon are fighting in the yellow trees, their red robes swirling around them. Stunning cinematography. I kind of wonder about how the story was positioned (seemed like we were supposed to root for the bad guy/Emperor instead of the good guy/Nameless assassin. Margaret Cho recommends House of the Flying Daggers on her blog - so I'll have to check that out when it finally makes its way to North America. Sounds like Zhang Ziyi kicks some serious butt in this one.

This land doesn't know a real hero. Yet. But I really do need to study. Now.


  1. hi there...i've watched both of em...Hero might be little too artsy for some and house of flying daggers has less flying around, with also the strong romance undertones, but both are enjoyable nonetheless

  2. Anonymous3:43 p.m. -- where's the recipe for this Ginger-Gin Shrimp? Aren't you going to share?

    Jennifer -

  3. You ask and I answer - see today's blog.