Friday, January 28, 2005

Schmoo & Butterbean need a home.

meow.  take us home with you.
Whenever I am feeling sad, or cranky, or like I could just use some cheering up, I pop over to the Annex Cat Rescue website and I check out their adoptions page. We got Samba from the Annex Cat Rescue. Well, more like "I" got Samba from the Annex Cat Rescue. Her name was Sybil when I got her, and she had this double inhale/exhale purr that could melt your heart. I guess Scott didn't realize how serious I was about getting another kitty, because when he got home that night, and found this grey smudge hiding in the bathroom (behind the toilet), well, he was a bit surprised. She quickly won him over (he taught her how to box her own tail and fart at the same time) and now she sleeps on top of him every night. Despite his cat allergies, he even loves her more than I do. We are trying to talk Scott's folks into getting a cat sooner rather than later. I think they would love having a cat - low maintenance, no walks, and they poop in a box for goodness' sake. Anyway, if you live in the GTA, and you are thinking about getting a cat, check out the Annex Cat Rescue. Their animals aren't caged, they can actually tell you about the personality of the cat to make sure it is a match with you and they do really great work. They have even more cats than they show on their website (everthing from kittens to grown up kitties). I would adopt Schmoo & Butterbean myself, but Scott tells me having more than 2 cats would qualify me for the crazy cat lady two will have to suffice.

I feel better now. Thanks Annex Cat Rescue.


  1. Anonymous2:12 a.m.

    1. Yes, you have enough kitties but you are such a sweetheart.

    2. Of course you did well on your exam.

    3. My - that gin and ginger shrimp thing looks good.



  2. Anonymous12:50 p.m.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one who does this. Actually, if S. or I (or both of us) has had a particularly bad day we like to go to The Humane Society here in Toronto and look at all the doggies and kitties that are just wishing for homes. Somehow it makes us feel worse and so much better at the same time. That is where we got our wee bundle of joy, Jasmine and where we keep returning, wanting to get another kitten...and of course where I beg and beg and beg S. to let me get a puppy.

    Jennifer -