Monday, January 03, 2005

Scotty G, west side.

Scotty G. and me - Halloween 2004I just got an email from the other other Scott. Scott G from California, to be specific. He is my stepbrother's stepbrother (figure that one out!), and I have known him since we were both in the single digits. Don't tell anyone, but I once had a little crush on him, and because there is no blood relation, and I was silly and young and in college, it doesn't count and it is not even remotely incestuous. To show him how much I liked him I went and made out with one of his friends. Gotta love the maturity of a college girl, eh? Anyway, he sends me these silly emails from time to time that make me laugh out loud. He calls me things like dingleberry and chucklehead and because of that I am posting a picture of us from this past Halloween at our mutual stepbrother David and his crazy wife Haschmo's party in Ithaca.

Scott and me - Wankstaz!His drawn out divorce from whatshernameitdoesntmatter is going to be final on the 22nd and he is going to be laid off on the 31st and he might come visit us. We will have a big party because he is finally FREE in so many ways and he can start a new adventure and do ANYTHING he wants. So, yes, ladies, he's a cutie with a great sense of humour, he is super nice, he plays hockey and he could be a Calvin Klein underwear model (though you'd never guess it from that picture). But I think he is going to pick up and move to the other side of the world to go teach English to some lucky non-English speaking girls. Anyway, he is a righteous dude and a standup guy and I am so happy we have kept in touch over the years (he even travelled from California to be at our wedding). Don't feel bad for him about the job thing either, he is so much better off, he really is a LUCKY BASTARD! 2005 is Scotty G's year - you heard it here first.


  1. You finally posted your gangsta Halloween picture, guy! Scott was telling me about it and I didn't see 'em. Finally! HA HA HA HA! Keep it gangsta, Scott! And look at you rockin' your pink...nice one, ma!

  2. Anonymous1:07 a.m.

    Pics a mom can be proud of....



  3. Anonymous9:58 a.m.

    soli: I thought you'd enjoy that pic. The 4 best parts about my outfit...

    1. The "Bank of Cash" cap I bought from H&M.

    2. The fake bling my brother bought for me at a flea market in Ottawa.

    3. The Mitchell & Ness XXL Alex English throwback jersey I bought off eBay.

    4. The hand gesture. Birdman! BRRRRRRR! What happened to that boy?


  4. ^ HA HA HA HA HA! (LMAO!) The birdman pose is the best!!!!!!!!!! That's what had me cracking up like you wouldn't believe! I LOVE IT!

    Do you remember that sketch on gang/crack wars on Chappelle's Show, season 1? Mos Def was in that sketch..he wrote the letter from jail about selling 'crack' (it was really baking soda). And signed off with that bird call...

    My brother (also named Scott) and I always do that.

    Glad to see we ain't the only ones!!

  5. And I love Kat and her ever-present BEER!!!! ha ha! It's as if she's sayin "Holla @ ya gurl!"


  6. That's plain ridiculous. I wanna dress up like a wannabe O.G. as well... wait, I can't... I have pigments... j/k :)

  7. That's funny - because I hardly ever drink beer - only this Apricot wheat beer they make down in Ithaca...otherwise I hate the stuff.