Monday, January 31, 2005

Remember, my sweet, even though I'm a miserable bastard sometimes...

I look like this in my dreams....Friday night: Driving home from work, I was so tired I was seeing double. I felt like I was going to drive off the road. I think I slept through the Raptors game. Scott went out to play Poker (his new drug) and I watched my HDTV recorded shows (my new drug).

Saturday: In-laws came over for dinner. We totally overextended ourselves on the meal and ended up having a "disagreement" in the kitchen. GREAT! I love airing my dirty laundry. That is lie. Highlights include Scott spilling water all over the gas range, extinguishing 2 of 4 elements I needed to prepare the meal and me refrigerating the red wine. Meal turned out well, but lesson learned - only one part of the meal can be time-consuming/challenging/vaguely gourmet - NOT BOTH! I will blog about the recipes later - they are excellent, but should only be made individually.

Purchased new "Champion" water saving toilet from Home Depot. Apparently this thing can flush 27 golf balls. So, you know Scott had to have it. Our downstairs bathroom has been out of commission for a month (we have 3 more bathrooms that work). Since we are having a Superbowl party next weekend, we needed to get this thing up and running. Well, almost. This badboy is higher up than the last one, so I need to go BACK to Home Depot and get a longer hose. I love going BACK to Home Depot. Really. So, on the way home tonight I will run said errand, in hopes that when I hook up the hose, all will be well and the bowl will not leak (like last time...). Long, watery, shitty story. (Update - turns out, same shitty story, the tank leaks so we get to go back to Home Depot for a 3rd time to get a new tank...FUN!)

Quote of the day (from Scott) - "Remember, my sweet, even though I'm a miserable bastard sometimes, I'm a miserable bastard who will hit "Refresh" for 5 minutes so that he can get you second-row Cho tickets." Which reminds me, Scott and I are going on a double date to see Margaret Cho with two of my xbi coworkers. One of them claims to be a bigger fan than us. We'll see about that!


  1. Anonymous12:13 a.m.

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  2. Anonymous12:45 a.m.

    That man of yours is a sweetie.


  3. Maybe I just haven't seen her in her finer moments, but whenever I've seen Cho do standup, she's just bitter, angry and not funny.

    Twenty-seven golf balls, eh? One at a time or all together? Now that's something I'd be putting to the test. Either that, or have Scott use it after eating four burrito grandes from Taco Bell.

  4. Foot - Cho is awesome...I won't hear anything else of it.

    Jennifer - this is an odd little house...we are not sure why there are so many bathrooms, but we know we are blessed.

    Soli - that is awesome. I want one.