Sunday, January 16, 2005

Tonight I'm gonna give you all my love, in the "backseat".

I am seriously confused. You see, as an avid watcher of the O.C., it was clear to me in season one, that Summer and Seth had "the sex". Several times, as I recall. And even though it clearly wasn't very good, they had sex, at least twice. Yet, on this week's show, she was lamenting to Coop her fear that Seth had beaten her to it, "it" being, losing his virginity.


Did the O.C. fire all of their writers from last season? Hey guys: THEY ALREADY DID IT! Season one - Episode 19! Go watch it. You don't get to un-lose your virginity, it doesn't work that way. You lose it, usually to some guy who you think you love, but in retrospect was kind of an asshole, and not nearly as cool as you thought... example: Seth Cohen. You can't just erase that whole event, to lose it again to your smart, cute, water-polo playing boyfriend. Trust me, I would have done it if those were the rules.

So, for the record, Seth, Summer, Coop, and Ryan are not virgins. Jury is out on Lindsay (though I think she is a virgin), and we are led to believe (so far) that Alex is "experienced" (she likes to party). I'm not sure what they are smoking over at Fox, but they need to get their story lines straight.


  1. Anonymous2:33 p.m.

    Yeah, that confused me too. I think what she meant was that he had beaten her to having sex post-breakup.

  2. I took it to mean that he was the first to have sex after the break-up too. Maybe I missed something though.

  3. I must have been on crack or something...I totally missed the boat on this one. I stand by my original thinking though - the writers made that way more confusing than it needed to be!

  4. Anonymous8:37 a.m.

    If it makes any difference at all, I (a person who has actually NEVER watched this show before in my life) decided I would try watching it this week but I ended up getting bored and going to sit at my compute instead. I left the TV on, though, and I was listening to the show instead of watching it. I was under the same impression Kat was, but since I wasn't actually giving it my full attention, I don't know if that proves much.


    ps I'm not being snotty about never having watched the OC. I watch all kinds of crap TV on a regular basis and make no apologies for it. Canadian Idol, anyone?

  5. Okay, I'm glad I'm not alone Jennifer!

    Also, I like Canadian Idol too, as well as American Idol. And I don't have to defect to like both. :-)